An interesting day...

Well, today has been an interesting day.  I didn't get set up for some of the things I want to do here.  I have some cool tools that I've written that I'll be releasing shortly (one is a wrapper Web Custom Control for OWC Charting that is very helpful).  Another is that I have a base Asp.Net page that works in conjunction with iText-sharp to automatically generate PDFs from your web forms.

I will be releasing this stuff shortly... please bear with me.

Also, I'll be doing a follow up post to my review (I'm probably going to do a few others in the not too distant future... I will do my best to be honest and fair)  Also, when I release the OWC Chart wrapper, I'll probably describe my experience using another commercial charting component that did not turn out all that well for me (think of it as a mini-review).

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