Part of being in a community is that you get annoyed with people (OK, I think I have a rare talent for getting annoyed at weird things... blame, it on my parents... they're far worse than me).

I think my current annoyance is justified though. 

Justified Annoyance
Roy Osherove announced his add-in contest here.  I was excited because this gave me an excuse to do some things with Visual Studio that I've been wanting it to do.  I wasn't sure if I had enough time, but I began to diligently work in what little spare time that I have. 

Along the way numerous side projects have come up (paying me money), so I was starting to wonder how I was going to finish the VS add-in project and still have time for my other projects (plus have time for my wife and son). 

I was absolutely thrilled when Roy announced here that the contest had been extended a month.  Now, I could better juggle all that I had going on and still make a decent add-in for the contest (I doubt I'm making the winner, but you never know).  All was happiness, and I have been plugging away on everything just more at a pace that keeps my wife happy with me.

So I was absolutely surprised to see this post yesterday (reminding everyone that they had 11 days to submit); I immediately posted wondering what had happened to the June 30th deadline.  Someone else followed up with a post stating that the original post now had the new date (evidently Roy had edited that post when he made the change to the deadline).  Roy's response was to note that he had re-edited the original post (putting the original date back in).

As stated on my final comment to the post yesterday, Roy is now at the bottom of my crap list; I didn't want to do that (he is Israeli after all and it says in the Torah (Jewish Bible for those who don't know) that he who blesses Israel shall be blessed...) 

I guess -- to reword something Roy noted in the infamous posting mess with Rory (I won't link) -- it is Roy's contest, after all, so he can do what he wants.  I do think to be fair he should just end the it today (that way everyone gets screwed for not submitting on time... not just those of us who read his blog daily, and believe him when he says that the contest is extended). 

[Update Roy put the June 30th deadline back in place which means that I have no excuse now... I have to finish my add-in]

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<br>I feel your pain.  I was actually holding off starting my add-in because I knew I had until June 30th.  The thing for Roy to do would have been to say &quot;Oh yea...I did say June 30th didn't I&quot; and continue to have that be the deadline.


<br>'s too bad he decided to handle it the way he did.



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I just can't believe that he's so casual about... We asked him about the deadline and his reaction is so?  


<br>Is this even same guy who stated that it didn't seem fair that Rory got to go to the MVP Summit (and others did not).


<br>That was a subject I stayed out of mainly because MS never said that they wouldn't let others come... just that all MVPs were invited; so MS can do what they want... no contradiction was done here... There's nothing to try to figure out...  


<br>whereas the add-in contest had an updated deadline that is now ignored...

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I meant to say that his reaction is so casual... like &quot;Oh you believed that? Well it's wrong... I've changed the rules..&quot;

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I'm one of the judges and before I read this blog I didn't know the deadline was moved back to may 31.


<br>I've mailed him asking what's going on, I haven't received a reply yet. I can say that I don't agree with the deadline being set again to May 31. If the deadline is moved to June 30, it should stay there.


<br>I don't know what I'll do if it stays May 31, I'm not happy about it. that's for sure.

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strange, since this post is still on his home page

<br><a target="_new" href="

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Hey Jay.

<br>You were right to be annoyed.

<br>Please read this:

<br><a target="_new" href=">


<br>in short: the contest *will* end at the end of june and not this month.

<br>Sorry for the misunderstanding on my part.



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