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So I had this real cool post that I had intended to place here as the introduction to our new blog community.  Along the way I have been up to my arms in blog engine grease, and as a result I don't have the original post handy. 

Here's the major points from my memory.

We're a new community of bloggers, but we have all been blogging for a little bit, so there is a chance that you know some of us.  If you ever visited CodeBetter than you will definitely know a couple of us.

Our goals are pretty simple, we want to be a blogging community that provides a lot of technical "meat" on the main feed.  We will do our best to avoid non-technical content on that main feed and will also do our best to provide high quality technical content that you can trust.  If you see something that you don't think belongs feel free to email me at jkimble*at*

The next question that often comes up is will there be new bloggers on your site, and more importantly "can I blog with you guys?"  We are a closed community, so if you are a new bloggers we will definitely send you to somewhere like is an open blogging site run by Dave Balzer). 

Also, if you see something on our main feed that you think is inappropriate, let me know immediately.  It is our desire to respect the community...

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left by Dave at 11/18/2007 4:12 PM Gravatar

Hi Jay,

Dave Balzer's site is, not .net (went for a look and got a domain parking site).



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