Why would you want to leave a great place like __________?

Ok, so I decided to write this post here for those who might be curious, "why did you leave where you were blogging?"

Is it because of the "scandal?"
No, not really.  I had already decided to leave and was planning on starting my own community.  I needed to find the bloggers first.

The truth of the matter is that I longed for a place where the technical content was so incredibly high that I'm scratching my head asking "what I'm doing here with all these geniuses?"  We have a good start to that here.

I also was feeling cramped by the steady flow of ideas that I wasn't really apart of, nor did I often agree with.  I also was noticing a steady flow of negativity that I wanted to get rid of... hence I needed a change of scenery.

So about 2 weeks before the infamous/famous "conference", I told the Brendan what my intentions were and he was OK with it.  We maintain a decent relationship as far as I know. 

As do DonXML and I... it really stunk that he was coming in as I was leaving.  I would have loved to blog with him, but by that point I had my team over here, and couldn't bail on them.

Come on you gotta give me something?
Nope, if I did I would be doing something that I absolutely am against and would find myself catering to that negativity that mentioned earlier. 

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