Support Hell... HP-Style...

[I apologize that this is a little ranting... trying to be a "kinder gentler" blogger, but this was just too much to not go off on (and maybe I'll find the solution)].

Last night I was on the HP site.  I was looking to upgrade my Wife's PDA (an Ipaq HX2415) from PPC2003SE to Windows Mobile 5.  Before I continue, you may ask "why are you waiting this long to look for it?"  I can only answer that with a reference to one of Scott Hanselman's acronyms... the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)... My wife was very happy with the unit as is... I learned a long time ago with the WAF that you don't fix what ain't broken.  Anyway, she wants to run some software that is only available on WM5 (actually she wants to get a decent JVM so she can run Gmail Mobile).

So my first move was a google search.  I found references on other sites to the upgrade and that it was available for purchase (in Spring of 2006... maybe it was 2005)... I also saw references to a download that would do the upgrade as well.  I'm not picky.  If it costs me nothing I'll go with that, but I'll certainly pay something if I have to.

Anyway, as I got into the HP site I kept running into the same issues.  I looked up here PDA, found the support files and a link to purchase the upgrade(!!)... except that the link leads to HP purgatory.  The link lands on a page stating that the content has moved (but no link is provided to get you there).  Search goes no where as well.  I did find a link externally that led me to a 50 user license pack of the upgrade (uhh... I want 1 license... couldn't there be a link from the product page of that one to lead me to the 1 user license).

Anyway, it's been about 40 minutes, and I refused to give up... I finally found a link by searching HP's site that talked about the upgrade options, and it had a date of Oct. 31, 2007 (that sounds promising).  That page had a link to purchase the CD... you can almost guess where that leads... HP Purgatory.  As I write this I am trying again.  I must be a glutton for punishment.

When HP's site was like this after the Compaq merger, I saw this as OK since the two sites needed to interact, and they were 2 very large companies.  But that merger happened a long time ago... Hey, HP, it's time to fix your mess!

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Not going to happen, they are too busy developing printer drivers for Vista.  Oh wait...

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