August 2008 Blog Posts

Changing Table Names in an OR/M

I spent some quality time googling this and even went and asked the nascent Stack Overflow community and didn’t come up with a satisfactory answer. Being the intrepid sort, I opened up a test project and started poking around, compiling information from a number of sources and playing until I got something that worked. For your amusement and/or edification, I’ll document what I found. What I Want to Do The basic scenario is that many typical “commodity” web applications use databases to store their information. Since most web hosting services come with a single database but charge extra for additional databases,...

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Testability in .Net

Your environment can have a profound effect on how you develop software. The details of what I discuss here have zero practical meaning outside of the .Net world (though you can probably find parallels in other environments). That’s because .Net developers have access to tools that invalidate rules of software design that are fundamentally important elsewhere (before you question whether an environment can effect what is good design, consider the difference between good design in C and, say, Prolog). For .Net, the free availability of a tool like Typemock makes a major design consideration simply disappear—namely, testability. Typemock literally...

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