Hiring blog versus real blog

My good friend and Co-worker -- D.code -- has just recently set up a spaces blog (I won't bore you with thelocation).  D. told me that he did this because if he ever goes on the job search (something I personally think may never happen) he wants to pointto his pristine non-ranting blog.

Personally I think his idea is crap.  I'd rather a future employer know that "yes, he gets angry about stuff at times, but he doesn't appear to be violent... in fact his rants are funny."  I guess, too, I try to make my blog interesting.  If I have nothing to say I try not to say it (except when I feel like I've been to silent which is the case for me lately).

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# re: Hiring blog versus real blog

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Hmm... if he's a developer, I'm not necessarily sure that a MSN spaces blog is going to portray the image he wants :)

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