jQuery-UI visual studio intellisense (vsdoc) file

If you’ve ever tried to use jQuery UI with Visual Studio, you’ve run into a JavaScript parse error and you lose JavaScript intellisense in Visual Studio. I wasn’t exactly sure of the issue until I read someone’s advice (who was just trying to get the datepicker working) to simply include a dummy jquery-datepicker-vsdoc.js file. So I did this for the jquery-ui.js file and lo and behold, no JavaScript parsing errors, and I had intellisense for everything EXCEPT jQuery UI.

Anyway, I dug around and couldn’t find one… so I created the beginnings of one. What you get is very core level (and not an actual working file). Simply add it to your project along side your jquery-ui.js file and VS will automagically realize that when it gives you intellisense for JavaScript and you are using (or have referenced) the jquery-ui file.

As I said it’s not complete. The areas that I know for sure is that it doesn’t give you any of the theming support.. actually the jquery.ui object is pretty much not there at all… I did get the effects and all the base controls intellisense working (datepicker, tabs, dialogs, etc.). It’s not perfect, but it will be a good start for someone else…

How to Use it
So to use this simply add it alongside your jquery-ui.js file in visual studio and visual studio should pick up my file and use it to give you intellisense. If you are using an external JS file you’ll need to use “/// <reference… /> to reference the JS file.

If I get around to it I will publish an update in the future.


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left by Joe Healy at 7/29/2009 12:53 PM Gravatar
great tip! glad you're in Florida sir!

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left by Ivo at 9/2/2009 7:16 AM Gravatar
Great thanks. Please add the UI version it describes.

Thank you

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left by jertle at 9/13/2009 5:20 PM Gravatar
Rad! Thanx man!!

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left by Benny Helander at 11/19/2009 7:24 AM Gravatar
Works great thanks..

Do anyone know if some one else is updating on this ?

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left by methodman at 12/3/2009 5:13 PM Gravatar
Yes! Nice work mate!
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