OT: The 5 Stages of Debugging

Leonid points to a great dev wall chart, “The 5 Stages of Debugging” (well, at least it's hanging on my wall).

He he.

Local Blogging

Will mentions that he's starting to seek out local (Australian) content in his blog reading. I have experienced this too, and I'm coming to realise that there's a) a great number of Aussie bloggers, and b) some of them are in IT, and most know their stuff.

When I first started reading blogs in June of 2003, I looked mainly at the “big guns” of blogging, whether I was interested in what they had to say or not. On those blogs, the quality is often very, very high, but the relevance to me can be quite low (in terms of both locality and technology choice...for instance, I'm not really going to appreciate a blog dedicated to Microsoft ISA Server, as I've never touched it, nor am I likely to).

Nearly two years later, I can afford to be a bit pickier about my content, and not feel bad if I'm not reading the biggest bloggers. Mostly the good stuff gets re-linked all over the blogs I do read. And if something really great slips through, and I need information about it later, there's always Google!

One other advantage of going local is local off-topic stuff, like Wilson Afonso of Random Developments showing pics of a new Nicolas Cage movie being shot in Melbourne, or Mick Stanic of SplaTT's Weblog talking about coffee, or David Kean liking Nullable Types in C# (well that's on topic for some, but I do VB.NET, not C#). And I've never met any of these guys either.

Go Aussie!