Lucky SQLDownUnder Show #13

I was listening to Greg Low's podcast SQLDownUnder show 13 with Bill Graziano, and my ears pricked up when Greg made the comment that most of the consulting he does is on improving performance, and posed this as a question back to Bill as to why...actually, I became interested because Greg mentioned that developer knowledge could be to blame - that's me :-)

The first part of Bill's answer, and the part that stood out, was:

"...[I]t's easy to grow data at a rate that we never could before. Back in the 80' was just so much harder to generate data with people typing it in - and now you've got systems that generate data for other systems..."

Bill and Greg followed this up by commenting that database size is an issue also as historical data is being saved, because of availability of disk space. Greg even shared the example of a database that collected electricity meter information every 15 minutes for every meter in the state - where previously they received one reading per meter per quarter!

Bill and Greg both have some helpful hints for developers (like me) working with SQL Server to improve performance, and the show is worth the listen. The whole angle of "performance tips for developers" made sense when Bill mentioned he's presenting at PASS SQL Conference on "What I wish developers knew about SQL Server".

As I listened, I realised I was clearly a developer and not a DBA e.g. I am concerned about my application, and not so much the SQL Server! Still a lot to learn...

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