Firefox vs Flock

I've blogged previously about how I use the Flock web browser, but recently decided to try my luck at the latest release of Firefox.

Flock had several features that enticed me to adopt it in late 2007: social media sidebar integrated with Facebook, blog post editor, in-built image uploader which connected to Flickr and Picasa, media bar, and one-click access to services I constantly used (like Delicious).

My biggest gripe with Flock was that the user interface was not customisable enough. Also, the browser had more features than I'd ever need.

Buying a widescreen monitor with very limited vertical space was the straw that finally made me switch from Flock to Firefox, permanently. Here's a comparison between the two (the red highlights represent the menu & toolbar space used):

I use a couple of Firefox add-ons to reduce the vertical space used (that's the other thing...Firefox has an unbelievable collection of add-ons):
Flock was good to me. Now, I just need the screen space, and don't need a lot of its features.

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