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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Essential utility - visionapp Remote Desktop

Like many developers, I spend quite a bit of my day RDP’ed into some virtual server or other. Even with dual monitors, it can become annoying to flip between sessions.  So then I got a tip about this very nifty utility, and now I couldn’t get along without it.

Made by visionapp, it’s called vRD.  They have a free version, and one that’s $69.00, or slightly more if you want upgrade maintenance & support.  I use the freebie.

You can store your credentials if you want to, categorize your server list in a nice treeview, and the app presents your sessions in a really nice tabbed interface...

Good stuff.


Scroll to the bottom; you’ll see a listing for visionapp Remote Desktop (vRD 1.5) - Freeware.  Registration is required.

Disclaimer: Not affiliated in any way with visionapp.  They don’t even know me.

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