Commerce Server 2007 & IIS 6.0 SelfSSL

When trying to run the Commerce Server Customer & Orders Manager, I was receiving an error stating that the orders webservice was unavailable.  I looked at the connection settings for the orders webservice and realized that it was calling the webservice using https.  For the purpose of testing on my development machine, I simply tried to change the url to use http instead.  I then another error and found that you are required to use https for the webservice.  I then downloaded the IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools (download here).  You can use the SelfSSL 1.0 utility to generate a self-signed certificate to enable ssl for testing purposes.  It’s a command line tool that takes a few parameters and automatically installs the generated cert for you.

Additionally, I had to disable anonymous access in IIS for the webservices and now everything works correctly.