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November 2004 Blog Posts

Server Side Spam Filter (Windows 2003 server, pop3 service) suggestions?

Looking for a free or inexpensive server side spam filter for my windows 2003 server that uses the built-in pop3 service.  Any suggestions?

Want a Job? (Cleveland Area)

Risetime (the company I currently work for) is hiring. We've been having a heck of a time finding qualified applicants in the area.  So if you've ever thought about living in the most important election state (ohio!) you should definately drop me a resume.  This is a good company to work for both salary and benefits and the management team is real good about letting you manage your own time and projects as long as you hit your deadlines.  We're currently doing work for one of the Fortune 10 and need additional staff ASAP. Plus you get to work with me, which...

Easy Asssets .NET :: Part 3c, Table Module Code Samples

This is a continuation of Part 3b Code sample 3: Searchable Parent Table (assets) Searchable parent tables are tables that can be searched on many or no fields.  The main object in Easy Assets .NET is the asset object, and having many fields and properties can make it the most complex to search.  It is impossible for me to predict how many fields will be searched on.  So how do I handle this?  I expose two main functions.  Pay particular attention to the second one, it's neat.. Search(string criteria, string sortexpression) - Being that I already know the structure of the data, this search function is...

Easy Assets .NET :: Part 3B, Table Module Code Samples

Continuation of part 3a Code sample 2: Lookup Key Table (locations) Lookup Key tables are very similar to Lookup Tables except that when you access them, you normally pass in a foreign key from a parent table.  That is to say the data in the table is 99.9% of the time only useful as a subset.  In the last post, I mentioned how in Easy Assets .NET users can define three levels of information about the physical location of an asset.  The top level is referred to as a site.  If you were managing a school district, a site would be the...

Easy Assets .NET :: Part 3A, Table Module Code Samples

This is a continuation of part 1 and part 2. Well folks, it's time to spew some code.  As I mentioned in part 2, the table module pattern allows me to create objects that model the underlying database.  Now many architecture types will say that this type of model isn't very flexible as far as changing out the underlying database, but...  I am tying this product to SQL server only By making the objects model the tables and embedding the data I/O in them, it should be very easy for even beginning coders to follow the code. Note that all object will...



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