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Paint .NET 2.0

Paint .NET 2.0 very neat, very free photo editor coded in .NET 1.1

I am not graphically inclined in the slightest but I found it fun to play with and for those of you who aren't so artistically challenged there is a source included download available.  I'll probably dig into the source sometime in the year 2035 when I have free time again just out of curiousity.

I've always used ms-paint to quick and dirty editing, I think I'm going to try to use this application instead.


# re: Paint .NET 2.0


Cool.  My office-mate refuses to use Photoshop, and uses MS Paint all the time. Perhaps I'll get him to use this instead.

12/28/2004 8:40 AM |

# re: Paint .NET 2.0


Hi Eric, i was wondering if you have a copy of PAINT.NET 2.0 since i have win2k on my PC and further versions won`t run on it, i was trying to find it but i had no suceed, if you can send it to me i would be pleased.

Thanks in advance.

Carlos Batista. (

9/2/2007 6:59 AM |

# re: Paint .NET 2.0


Carlos- Nope, I don't have any old versions, sorry!

9/4/2007 7:21 PM |

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