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July 2005 Blog Posts

Rich ASP .NET Applications

Peter blogs about why not to focus on building richness into your web applications.  I'd like to go on record that I both agree and disagree with him. Know Your Audience Are you building an inward-facing application where all the user's hardware is known and everyone is using the same version of a browser?  This is the perfect situation in which to build as much richness as the users desire into the application!  Outward facing applications can be rich as well, but it does depend on your audience.  If you are serving a known community, like a customer portal, then you can...

PrettyCode .Print

Recently I was tasks with some of the other senior developers at my employer to come up with a code review system.  I'd been pushing for this for a while since the company previously did very little in the way of formal code reviews.  Way back when in my vb 6.0 days the team I was on used to use a program called PrettyCode.Print to nicely format our code for printing code for use in reviews and handouts. I really liked this product back in the day, so I decided to see if they had a .NET version.  They do!  The...

Dropdownlist Autopostback in a Datagrid EditItemTemplate

Here's a fun one I did for the IAmBrilliant project.  There are several places in the system where there is entering and editing of address information.  So we wanted to come up with a nice little user control that could be shared across pages.  (You can download the source page here since community server is a pain in the ass about displaying html tags) So as you can see from the source page we have a datagrid with a variety of template columns that allows editing existing rows and adding new items in the footer.  The template columns are also used to format...

Talk about RAD

Yeah, I've been scarce lately.  However my custom built domain pattern has saved my butt. Project came down to build the administrative and customer portal for a new division Very little in the way of specs, no database, no layout. Project deadline: 3 weeks. Myself and my two teammates were able to design the database (~35 tables) build the business/data layer, and ~30 pages successfully in this time.  Of course we cheated by putting in about 30 hours of overtime in over July 4th. That being said, I'm hella tired.  I have some actual code posts planned, I'll get to them once I recover...



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