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August 2005 Blog Posts

How To :: Keep Your Best Talent

I've spoken previously about interviewing developers from an employer perspective, interviewing from a potential employee perspective, and signs that developers are worth their salt.  Now I figure it's time to talk about the developers in your organization that you actually want to keep.  I've seen some companies do some pretty boneheaded things that offend and otherwise drive their best talent away and then they're mystified at why this has happened. Sometimes Nothing is Better Than Something The only thing more offensive than getting no bonus or salary increase is getting one that is so insignificant compared to your accomplishments that it feels more like a "slap in the face" rather than...

A Public Spanking For Nextel

Dear Nextel, Thank you very much for your online account system being non-functional for the last 3 weeks so I couldn't pay my final bill. Also thank you for having a phone bill pay system that seemingly does not recognize my account number. In addition, I would like to thank you for a machine calling my house several times a day, waking my baby, and leaving an automated message about my account status that asked me to call a number with a pin that was not found. Finally, I would like to thank you for a customer service line that kept me on hold for over 15 minutes...

Easy Assets .NET 1.0.1

You can download the latest here. I have updated the images file names to be more read_friendly. I have also addressed the job description page problem (it wasn't really a code problem, the deploy folder was an older build... my bad). In general, if you just replace the WebModules, Graphics, and Bin folders you should be good to go.

ASP .NET :: Know Your Roles - Level 200

Setting up role based security for a website is a Very Good Thing (tm) if you require flexibility in security.  Many organizations I've come across in my career struggle with security because they use a system based on user type instead of groups and roles.  The obvious flaw with user type is that over time you end up with a new user that is a "hybrid" and then you either have to add a new type, or adjust all the pages that reference the types which grants other users priviliges they've never had. The worst of all sins I've seen in this scenario is actually HARD CODING the user's...

Dude... WTF? (Or why I open sourced Easy Assets)

Something of a mini-uproar in my email box and instant messager.  Why'd you do it?  Why are you giving away the software you work so diligently on? It's actually not as complicated as one would think... I'm busy, very very busy.  I'm working full time and then some on various projects and jobs, I'm building a new house, I'm also finishing up my MBA, and most importantly I have my wife and newborn son to think about.  The cold hard fact of the matter is that for me to pursue Easy Assets the way it deserves, I would have to take time out of the above, which at this...

Easy Assets :: Free Open Source?!

Call it temporary insanity.  Call it an experiment to see if the "community" can really support a useful software program that isn't a browser or operating system.  Call it what you will, but I have decided to release Easy Assets .NET as free open source software.  You can download it here.   As per the license restrictions in the package, please note the following highlights: You can't resell, charge for hosting, or otherwise make a profit off this application.  It's for your internal use only. You're more than welcome to submit tweaks, additional features, etc to me but you are not allowed to distribute...

IE 7.0 Beta

For the most part, I like it. Next version though can I please put the file menu up top where it belongs?



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