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July 2007 Blog Posts

Kudos to Sprint

I noticed an article today about Sprint Firing 1000 Customers.  I would like to congratulate Sprint for making a tough and potentially unpopular decision for the good of their business.  I wrote a blog post a few years ago about firing clients and I believe much of the same logic applies to the Sprint decision.  Naturally for a company to survive in a competitive environment it must service its customers at a reasonable level.  But at what point should a business decide that some customers simply aren't worth servicing?  I recall the CEO of Best Buy echoing similar views in...

On H1-B Visas

This guy knocks it out of the park. Our last two open positions we filled with H1-B candidates.  Not because we wanted cheap labor (we pay them quite well, market rate), but because like my compatriot blogger here the quality of the American candidates was pretty poor.  Of the entire stack of stateside resumes we received, only one person had the technical skills necessary, but came off as highly arrogant and not a team player. Not to go on a tangent (but I will regardless), it's interesting how not to long ago it was enough to be a code nerd with no...



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