The sins of my youth...

I just recently happened upon the way out of date (and dusty looking) site set up by Karl Peterson that dishonors VB.Net.  The interesting thing for me was that I was once a student of the site and an evangelist that “VB.Net should be called VB.Not.”  This site gave me all the reasons why...  No Ptr functions, and the msgbox function is not supported (just to name a few); this is not VB!  I remember thinking that they were being a little petty mentioning Gosub, Goto, and Null, but dang it!  MS broke everything!

I remember that I vowed never to use the evil, un-visual basic language, but I knew that I wanted my career to continue, so...

I jumped on the C# bandwagon... I said just kill VB (if it ain't gonna be my VB then I don't want it).  I'm in C# because that's obviously where the action is heading... “besides,” I said “VB has always been an afterthought... now C# is gonna be right there with C++!”

After many a night of tearing my hair out over compile issues that ended up simply being a uppercase/lowercase problem and/or semi-colons. (and working for a new employer who insisted that I use VB.Net), I converted back to VB... 

First of all seeing Karl's site in all its “glory,” I realize how petty all this was.  As I sit here working with my new fangled VB for the next generation, I have to say that I wish MS would have gone farther.  I know sounds radical, but I guess what I wish they had done specifically was to create 2 VB languages... Maybe VB6.Net and VB.Net.  I find that all the compatibility stuff they've given me gets in my way sometimes. 

For instance, I wish in my VB.Net that “Option Strict” and “Option Explicit” were on and couldn't be turned off easily (and only on a file-by-file basis).  VB6.Net could work the other way.  I have yet to use the VB compatibility object and don't intend on using it anytime soon... it could have been the default functionality for VB6.Net... Maybe this would have helped convert some of the Naysayers (although I guess some have been converted by default... note that Bill Vaughn -- the originator of the term “Visual Fred“ has a blog here on this very site).

So I want to formally apologize to MS for doubting them... I should not have given them so much crap.

(I know that this is being followed by a smile by both Bill G. and Steve B. -- since they are regular readers of blog... the 2 of them and my 3 friends ) 8-)

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You can set Option Strict ON as a Project Option today. Alternately, you can alter the templates to always put it there. I believe there's an "advanced VB features" option in whidbey that will turn on a whole slew of this stuff by default.


<br>As for the rest - there are two kinds of programmers: those who code, and those who complain. Only one has a future in this business.

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