A slight monkey bite...

I have been planning this post all weekend.  What I desperately wanted to name it was “Enter the Monkey!”  Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

For those who don't know, I have been swimming for a little over 2 years with a site on a Mac OS X machine running Apache Tomcat (JSP... not servlets).  This has been a major learning experience for me, but there are still things that I don't quite have running the way I want (and every time I ask a Unix geek for help... they run screaming from the room as soon as I mention Mac).

So I have been seriously watching the Mono project (that's the open source .Net run time for Linux and a number of other OSes).  As mentioned here, it has been released as a beta (finally)!  So I decided to try it again on my Mac (actually my client's Mac) which runs 10.2.x (I know we should upgrade and are planning to later on this year). 

Success... sort of
Anyway, I was totally psyched this weekend because the error message I got when I compiled was simply telling me that it was having problems with the GAC (so the rest of the framework was working).

I have some issues with the compile for the Mod_Mono Apache component (which I won't bother explaining here), so I built the XSP web server which went without a hitch.

Next I started looking at some of the docs for this; I realized that I wasn't quite ready to run it on the Mac, so I decided (instead) to try it out on Windows first. 

I ran the mono beta setup for windows and got zero errors!  Next I went to build the XSP project... uh yeah... Cygwin for some reason couldn't find the configure... (not sure why... it was really strange), so since IL is IL is IL, I decided to snag the compiled version off the Mac server (maybe this was my big mistake... still trying)... believe it or not it ran, so I went back to the docs to see how I could see the samples that come bundled with the XSP web server... uhmm... they don't give a URL... hmmm... what it logically be... hmmm... Directory structure looks like this

 |--- bin
 |--- lib
 |--- man
 |--- share (sample files are underneath this subdir)

So my first guess is that it is either the main XSP directory or the share directory... Nope it's neither... Arrgghhh! Why do they taunt me?!!! 

So I finally kind of found an answer... the default directory is the one where XSP is run from...  The docs leave a lot to be desired in this respect... I simply want to launch the web server and know exactly where files will be served up from... <sigh>

To Be Continued....

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