Silverlight2 Programming: The Designer Rule

I’m starting a new series on Silverlight2. I am currently building a little SL2 prototype, and as I am learning things I thought I would write them down here.

The first rule deals with working with Designers. It is stated as such.

"Prefer XAML code to CLR/DLR code when it comes building interfaces"

Note the word "prefer" here. That word means "usually", "normally", or "unless there is an exception."

This is best explained by some C# code I saw the other day. It looked something like this:

   1: string ElementX = @"<div class='twocolumndiv'><span class='singlecolumn'>{0}</span><span class='singlecolumn'>{1}</span>";

The problem with the above code is that you’ve embedded it into your code. It’s effectively buried. If someone else needs to change this template to say add a field or to make changes in any manner, they are scanning the code looking for this (provided they know where to look); this will be the cause of much swearing and maligning of your name.

To make matters worse, if you have a web designer you have effectively removed their visibility to this code (maybe this point is made a little sharply; I know some web designers who would be scanning the code as well, but they wouldn’t be happy).

So how does this relate to SilverLight 2? Simple, you should try to avoid instantiate controls on your Silverlight views (pages??) that a designer has no visibility to (in other words, using a UserControl that has an associated XAML is fine, but instantiating a new UserControl and throwing a new layout and a bunch of text boxes should be done with great care... you should know why you did it that way).

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# re: Silverlight2 Programming: The Designer Rule

left by Jimmy Bogard at 5/13/2008 2:12 PM Gravatar
I really like that example. I had one app I ran into that stored the HTML templates in the database, and the SQL in the javascript. Pure awesomeness.
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