Why I am one of the worst programmers on the planet (in some circles)?

First of all, we had a great turn out at the first TUX (Tampa User eXperience) User Group last night (more on that in another post... I’m still pretty exhausted).

I got to meet someone last night that I have maligned (sort of) in my blog. I hope he took my comment in the levity that it was meant to be taken. I told him that "everything is your fault" once you leave.

It’s an adage that I have told others and it is very true. It’s easy for the new guy to come in and say... all the code written before I got here is crap (NOTE: that is not what I said in my current position and I tend to try NOT to say that). Everything has a context that as the new guy you don’t have. And it also is very easy for someone to say "yeah, that last guy screwed that up," because the alternative is that "well, I contributed to the problem that is giving someone else pain" is just not something most people are willing to own up to.

So that said... I can tell you that I have built a lot of code under duress that quite frankly sucks. I’d hate to be you if you are maintaining it. I have also built stuff (in the past) that was a bad pattern choice for a particular problem. I did what I did because a) I wanted to use technology such and such and this problem came close to fitting, or b) I was flat out bored and wanted to do something different. I believe I have outgrown that... I tend to bug my peers a lot with "What do you think about doing this this way?" Mainly because I don’t want to repeat some of my past sins...

FWIW, if you get mentioned on my blog indirectly (I really do try to somewhat keep who I’m talking about anonymous... I’m not trying to ruin your career), its probably because I found a really cool solution to a problem that resulted from your solution which for whatever reason didn’t take something into account. Please, don’t take it personal... read up on what I did and offline tell me what you think. Maybe you might want to know "what happened?" I’ll be more than happy to tell you.

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# re: Why I am one of the worst programmers on the planet (in some circles)?

left by John Reynolds at 9/13/2008 11:07 AM Gravatar
I am terribly offended by this blog entry of yours... I am by far a worse programmer then you are.

My code is suckier then your code ;-)

# re: Why I am one of the worst programmers on the planet (in some circles)?

left by Romeo at 9/13/2008 2:15 PM Gravatar
I'm not sure how bad you think you are with your code. But I'd praise you with your honesty. There're just some people who'd be power tripping just 'cause they're called ATLs. They'd be bragging about how good they are with this and that, when their code looks just the same...worst of all it's almost cut and paste of your code.
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