A very important TRUIX meeting with Jim Zimmerman on Nov. 3rd

Next Tuesday, November 3rd, we have Jim Zimmerman coming in. Jim is talking about a subject that in my opinion is important to both developers and designers. Jim will be showing us how to do something that both areas of app development need to know how to do. He’s teaching us how to take a Photoshop file, slice it up into usable web graphics and then build html and CSS to create a web layout from the original file which is perfect for an ASP.NET Masterpage.

You might wonder why I think this is so important. The reason is simple. In today’s world of app development, a designer who just produces graphics and little else will someday go the way of the designer. As well as a developer with no design skills is equally on its way out. We need to know something about each other’s expertise, and be able to function in the tools of the “other half.”

Anyway, Pizza will hopefully arrive around 6:30-6:45pm. We will start the session at 7:00pm.

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