C# to Visual Basic Translation Tool

August's MSDN Magazine has a C# to Visual Basic Translation Tool which will take a whole C# project and convert it to a VB.NET project.

I have used the resources that the author John Robbins mentions for small snippets of C# (ConvertCSharp2VB and C# to VB.NET Translator), but the ability to convert a whole project sounds pretty good.

Roy's Visual Studio.NET Add-In Contest

I haven't had time to download any of them yet, but the submissions for Roy Osherove's Add-In Contest for Visual Studio.NET look good. Something to get back to later, I guess...

'Favorite' Tip from IE Blog

The IE blog at MSDN has a quick tip for IE, where giving an IE Favorite a one-word name allows you to type that one word into your address bar to go to the Favorite URL.

That's interesting for me, I probably still prefer two mouse clicks. But, even more interesting than this, check the stats on the IE blog:

posts - 9, comments - 825

That has to be the highest comment to post ratio ever!