SQL Health and History Tool, plus Reporting Services Reports to go with them

Darrell Norton points out a tool to monitor SQL Server 2000, plus Reporting Services reports to view the data collected. I was aware of the Health and History tool before, but having these reports makes it more attractive.

It's good to see reports designed for Reporting Services to cope with “enterprise” needs - I was fossicking around the Superior Software for Windows site the other day and noticed that they'd developed Reporting Services reports for Exchange. Also, the Reporting Services CD comes with reports to monitor usage of Reporting Services itself.

Write up of "What's New In DTS 2005"

AjarnMark does a nice write up of "What's New In DTS 2005". I use DTS (Data Transformation Services, part of SQL Server) fairly frequently and love trying to find ways to encapsulate logic in a package, but wish it wasn't so hard!