2005 Australian Blogging Conference

SplaTT and Cameron Reilly talk about a 2005 Australian Blogging Conference. They're taking expressions of interest at http://www.splatt.com.au/blog/archives/aus_blogging_conference/index.html. Sounds great (although I hope it's in Melbourne).


Sample Financial Reports for Reporting Services

Mike Gunderloy points to “SQL Server 2000 Report Pack for Financial Reporting” sample reports from Microsoft.

I found that the installer crashed on my W2K Server box with a cryptic error message, but ran OK on my XP Pro desktop (where are the error logs for these things?)

I do have one gripe, while trying not to look the gift horse straight down the throat, that why is an installer required to deliver the RDL and MDB files? I reckon that maybe a copy of the database with instructions to attach it and the Visual Studio solution file and report files would be enough, because now there's an extra entry in my “Add or Remove Programs“, that is not a program (on the plus side, the installer does not put a link in my “All Programs“ start menu folder, like some of the other samples I've downloaded in the past).

However, I can see the advantage to having an installer for access to powerful scripting and system requirements stuff.

Maybe my next task should be to find a way to examine and extract the contents of MSI packages...or maybe to shut up and be grateful for the sample reports...grumble grumble grumble...