Review: Microsoft Security Summit, Melbourne (Part 2)

This follows on from Part 1 which ended at lunch time...

After a Microsoft-provided lunch and a morning spent in Visual Studio 2005 and Team System, I was looking forward to the afternoon sessions on SQL Server 2005, all hosted by Greg Low. I have heard Greg speak before and I gave him a big rap to everyone I talked to, and once again I felt he didn't disappoint.

Greg took 3 SQL server 2005 sessions - "SQL Server 2005 Overview" (aimed at tech kind of guys and perhaps IT managers as well as developers), "SQL Server 2005 Administration, Scalability and Reliability" and "Introduction to Programming with SQL Server 2005" (both aimed more at developers). Although I had heard the material from all 3 sessions at different times before with the SQL Server SIG I still found it interesting. For me, hearing someone speak on the next version of SQL Server for a couple of hours is better than me playing with it myself! Plus, I don't get the time to just "try out" some of the new cool things Greg talked about, even when I'd installed an early beta at home.

After the day ended the plan was for some of us (inspired I think by Will) to meet up at the MSDN Connection Lounge and head out for dinner. There was about 20 of us including a couple of Microsoft guys - to see the pictures and names of those in attendance, visit Matt's blog. Matt did a great job taking photos on his beautiful Nikon, for a while the camera was appropriated by Michael and I'm sure that's how a photo of the barmaid ended up in Matt's mugshots list!

It was really great to get around and talk to the geeks over drinks and dinner. I'm amazed at the diversity within IT, the different work people do, and especially enjoyed meeting the non-developers. Everyone got along really well, and some even suggested a regular event. To those guys who I did meet, in no particular order - Tejas, Nirav, Dr. Pete, Matt, Jeff, Michael, Greg, Bill, Henry, Damien, Mayur, Vinit, Will, Adrian and Jarrod - and it was nice meeting you; to the couple I did not get to talk to, next time!

Others are posting about the event too -
Matthew Cosier (who I didn't get to meet, but Matthew, I have read your blog before):

Update: Greg has made slides from all 3 of his sessions available at

posted @ Thursday, February 24, 2005 5:08 AM

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