Jason Franks' Dev.Culture

I've been following Jason Franks' blog on GeeksWithBlogs and his recent theories on developers and big companies in "Dev.Culture" got me thinking.

Here's two of the bits that stand out in his post:

We want to build new things, we want to make an impact...and we don't _need_ tens of millions of dollars to accomplish anything. In software, we can built anything we imagine from nothing but keywords and logic...

The story of the hero developer is never about a dude who joined a big company and worked his way up from the mailroom; it's about the guy who founded a company that grew into a behemoth, the visionary who built something that one of the big boys him or her paid millions for because their own internal, hidebound, reactionary, shareholder-accountable structures didn't think of it or failed to deliver it.

Interesting stuff, and well worth the read (well done Jason).

My current job is my second out of Uni and I can honestly say I haven't experienced a normal developer's life, so it's enlightening hearing from others in similar positions, often with vastly different backgrounds.

I'm especially inexperienced when it comes to politics (I didn't even think office politics were real until recently!) so people like Jason, Phil Factor, some of the CodeBetter bloggers, Dilbert and Basic Instructions are getting to be required reading :-)

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