Studying My Masters Through Charles Sturt University

In March I started studying, via distance education, a Graduate Certificate of Systems Development with Charles Sturt University. The Graduate Certificate is made up of 4 units which can count towards the full Masters course (which I plan on continuing with - I figured it would be safer to aim for something achievable first, and seeing if I still liked studying enough to commit a few years to it!)

Charles Sturt University has a great reputation for its distance education, but the reason I signed up was that it works hand-in-hand with industry so you achieve the Masters and industry certification (in my case, project management).

Study is waaaay different than it was when I was a full-time Uni student last century. My situation has changed too in that now I have a full-time job, a wife and three kids, and a lot more commitments. As I'm doing distance education, there's no "class" time and studying is largely self-directed. Forums are provided and some subjects have weekly webcasts (Marco's webcasts particularly were entertaining and informative) but it can feel a little "here's the books and study notes, here's your assignments, we'll see you later" which can be initially daunting.

I hope to blog more of my experiences - including my first two subjects, and why I'm studying project management - over the next couple of weeks.

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