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.NET Code Generation Tools I've Tried

I was asked the other day, given that I have talked about IdeaBlade DevForce on my blog: what other code generators/object-relational mappers had I tried, and why did I eventually choose IdeaBlade? I thought that might make an interesting blog post and had to go scratching around in my memory back to mid 2004, when I first thought to myself that there *might* be an easier way than writing repetitive routines to return datasets from hand-crafted stored procedures to access 40+ tables and then making the UIs for all of it ;-) First, here's a brief list of some of the tools...

Getting the SQL Server from an IdeaBlade DevForce Express AppHelper Assembly

As mentioned previously, I have been using IdeaBlade DevForce Express to generate a business object layer for a .NET 2.0 project. For this project, I needed a way I could determine the SQL Server that the DevForce business objects would connect to, without necessarily creating a business object and testing the connection properties. IdeaBlade DevForce creates a helper assembly with an embedded XML document called "IdeaBlade.ibconfig" containing the SQLOLEDB connection string for data access, and so I needed a way to: load the helper assembly read the XML document from the assembly's embedded resources find the connection string get the server...

IdeaBlade DevForce

I notice that the latest Australian MSDN Flash from Frank Arrigo mentions IdeaBlade DevForce, a (quite mature) object-relational mapping tool: Complimentary DevForce Express Cut down the time you spend developing data-intensive client/server applications. Get IdeaBlade's DevForce Express, a developer productivity solution for .NET that is fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio. DevForce: helps professional developers build, maintain, and operate smart client Internet applications by bridging the infrastructure gap between the Application layer and .NET. The solution is a "must have" for .NET development that will improve your productivity and increase application quality, reduce overall costs, and accelerate time-to-market. I have been using the...