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Why I Finally Switched From Bloglines

 Bloglines was my RSS reader of choice for almost 4 years. I loved using it because it was web-based, easy to use, fast, dependable, full-featured (in 2004), and free. Unfortunately Bloglines was ignored for a couple of years by the developers, during which time I stuck with it doggedly anyway. It got slightly less dependable (i.e. the notorious "Bloglines plumber"), and other readers overtook it in terms of functionality. Surprisingly, it was the new beta version which eventually drove me away - it was a case of too little, too late - and worryingly, the beta initially didn't work properly for...

Australian Web 2.0 Applications

The Dandelife blog put me on to Particls and the Particls blog which in turn took me to a re-post-worthy "The Top 60 Web 2.0 Applications in Australia" (Particles is based in Oz as far as I can tell). The top 60 Web 2.0 applications is an interesting list, and I ended up clicking through to a few sites. Well worth a read. Tags: web 2.0, rss, desktop, australian