Singapore has many cities with rich cultural history and delicious food. Take a slow cocktail walk through Singapore’s diverse neighborhoods to explore its unique combination of cultures.

The brilliant murals bursting with color, historic shophouses whispering hidden stories, and the air alive with the clinking of ice and laughter. Singapore is where varied districts compete for attention, a memorable trip awaits – not just through sights and sounds, but also through the art of handcrafted cocktails. So, let us start on a one-of-a-kind crawl in which libations serve as liquid guides, taking us on a voyage into the Lion City’s soul.

Let’s explore Singapore’s diverse neighborhoods for a taste in their precise allure and flavors on a cocktail crawl. It’s a have-to-do for experiencing the town’s colorful way of life.


Chinatown: Where Tradition Meets Mixology Marvels

Our first stop is rich with history. Stepping into Chinatown is like entering another world, where incense swirls and majestic temples stand guard. Hidden among spice shops and dim sum havens is Art di Daniele Sperindio, a speakeasy disguised as an art gallery. Push open the thick oak doors to reveal a world of small booths and exposed masonry. Sink into the soft armchair while the talented bartender prepares the “Temple Street Sour,” a bright combination of hibiscus and Sichuan peppercorn that tantalizes both the palate and the senses. As you sip your drink, allow the art on the walls, curated by Daniele Sperindio himself, to transport you to another world.

Little India – A Spicy Symphony of Flavors

Next, we enter the perfumed embrace of Little India. The air is infused with Bollywood tunes and the aroma of spices. Amidst textile shops and flower booths, we arrive at The Guild, a modern Indian restaurant with a twist. Their cocktail menu is a symphony of classic spices reinterpreted. Try the “Mango Lassi Martini,” a creamy pleasure that balances the sweetness of mango with the tang of tequila, or the “Chai Old Fashioned,” which combines classic spices like cardamom and cloves with bourbon to create a warm and comfortable sip. Allow the rhythmic energy of Little India to wash over you while listening to these unique versions.

Kampong Glam: Unveiling Hidden Gems in Arabian Nights

As evening falls, we journey into the mysterious world of Kampong Glam. The glittering mosques and refurbished shophouses create an atmosphere evocative of Arabian Nights. Baroq, a softly lighted refuge decorated with velvet drapes and antique furnishings, is concealed down a back alley. In this mysterious setting, bartenders create personalized cocktails based on your mood and tastes. Allow them to create a smokey mixture named after a mythological creature, or a floral treat inspired by the neighboring Sultan Mosque. Feel the enchantment of Kampong Glam as you sip your personalized creation.

End on a High Note: Rooftop Revelry at Marina Bay

Our final visit brings us up to Marina Bay, with its beautiful cityscape. We find ourselves atop one of the several sky-high bars at CE LA VI, a frenetic rooftop venue with magnificent views. We salute to our fantastic journey here, surrounded by city lights and lively conversation. Savor the trademark “Singapore Sling,” a delicious blend of gin, cherry liqueur, and pineapple juice, while taking in the cityscape. As the music plays and the city glitters below, raise a toast to Singapore’s various cuisines and hidden jewels.

This is only a sample of Singapore’s diverse cocktail hotspots and bustling neighborhoods. So, put on your exploration shoes, take your spirit of adventure, and go out on your own watery odyssey. Who knows what art, cuisines, and hidden places you will find along the way? Remember, in Singapore, every sip is a tale waiting to be told.