Amazon is a tech giant and many people dream to secure a good job in a big company. This is not that easy as there is a lot of competition. Therefore the candidates who are seeking a good job at Amazon should first know the whole interview process and then get some professional coaching to crack the interview. They must also prepare themselves to answer the behavioral Amazon interview questions.

Behavioral Interview Questions

Do you understand what kinds of questions are known as behavioral questions? The questions that start something like “Tell me about a …” or “Give a good example…”

Answering the behavioral questions is not as easy as pie. But, the answer to these questions will be based on your past experiences. You have to recall your past so that you go can give a perfect answer to the interviewer. Here, we are describing few guidelines that will help you to answer these questions in Amazon behavioral questions:

1. Search For Clues

First of all, you should start looking for clues in the job description. Usually, the job descriptions are comprised of detailed content where you can easily find the answer to your behavioral question asked in the interview. It is difficult to guess what specific questions would be asked by the interviewer because all interviews are different. But, the job descriptions will surely give you a clue and you can instantly answer the question. If you giving a phone interview, you should keep the job descriptions by your side so that you can easily answer the Amazon phone interview questions.

For instance, if you are applying for a managerial position at Amazon, then your questions may be like “Tell me about a time when you had to motivate your team members” or “Give an example when you had to give negative feedback to bad –performance of employers. There are various other options like “tell us about the most successful hire in your career time.”

On the other hand, if you are applying for the product manager Job at Amazon, your questions would be like “Tell me about the time when you had to give the right direction to your technical team” or “what was the last time when you have used the product you lived.” The behavioral questions would be based on the job role for which you have applied for.

2. Prepare Stories For Each Leadership Principle

During the on-site interview, the candidates have to face a wide range of questions. Amazon Company has various leadership principles and interviewers will ask questions based on these principles.

There will be various rounds of interviews in Amazon Company. Each interviewer will ask more than two Amazon leadership principle questions. Therefore, it is recommended that you should go through every leadership principle of Amazon.

What will happen when the interviewer will ask more than two questions on just one leadership principle? Would you able to answer them all? Do you have enough stories to answer these behavioral questions?

It is a good idea to have a group of answers that you can use for various leadership principles. In simple terms, you do not need to prepare separate answers for each principle. But, prepare a group of stories that you can use for any principle without any problem.

3. Use Past Experiences And Create Stories

You should answer the Amazon leadership principles questions in the story form. You should not be in just “Yes” or “No” form. Most candidates do this mistake and they fail to crack the interview. Also, the answer to the behavioral question cannot be answered in just one word. For instance, if the interviewer asks a question like “Tell me about the time when you failed at something.” In this situation, you cannot just say “Yes.”

It is recommended that you should use a story to answer the behavioral-based questions. But, this story should not be fictional and it should be related to the facts and experience. You should tell the story about your experience in the past company.

4. Use the STAR Technique

You should use the right approach to tell the story so that you can convey the right answer to the interviewer. It is recommended that you should use the start technique to tell the story. The STAR technique provides an appropriate structure to remember your story. The STAR technique will let you add appropriate data to your answers. There are four steps included in the technique:

  • S – Situation – background information
  • T – Task – what you had to do
  • A – Activity – what you did
  • R – Results – positive; what you learned

You should answer the Amazon leadership principles questions in the way that is explained above. This approach will let you explain properly and interviewers will get impressed.