Whether you are a teacher, instructor, surveyor, or a business owner, there are times when you want quick response and feedback from your audience. What is the best time to hold a meeting? Which is the best flavor for the newly launched juice by your company? What will be the right location for the next sports meet? Who will be your next secretary? Whatever your questions are, a polling app would be a super tool to get on-the-spot responses and check in your customers and audience any time. We all know that their opinions matter, and with this information, you can directly send messages to them.

What You Can Do with an ARS App

Using an audience response system app is a great way to ask questions to your audience and get their instant feedback about almost anything. Here are a few ways you can use these apps:


  • For improving audience engagement: Using this app is an easier and faster way to add some fun element to your polls, so that your followers, visitors and audience remain engaged and interested.
  • For conducting market research: They are a great way to gather customers opinions about new service and product offerings.
  • For conducting political survey: They can help in running horse race polls, quick polls, and tracking polls on hot issues about political consulting and campaigns.
  • For event planning: With the help of audience polling software, you can assess preferences regarding potential agendas or venues, and invite attendees to rate entertainment, refreshments, locations, speakers, etc.
  • For getting course feedback: The app can help instructors to get quick answers during lectures and instructions, or to get students’ feedback about classes or instructors.
  • For volunteering organizations: These apps can be used for running polls for mobilizing volunteers, collecting RSVPs, and for gathering information from the field.
  • For academic research: Before investing so much time, money and effort on detailed hypothesis, preliminary research theories can be used for receiving audience polls.
  • For travel industry: When travelers stay at a hotel or become a part of an organized tour, these apps can be used to receive polls from them, so that improvements can be made according to their feedback and experience.
  • For rating purposes: On a scale of 0 to 10, you can ask your audience how likely they are to refer your product or service to a friend. Based on the results, you can find ways to make your customers happier and deliver them better.
  • For citizen feedback: Government offices and agencies can use these apps to gauge citizen feedback, gather suggestions and propose changes accordingly.


Now that you know what all you can do with a polling app, you will be happy to know that you do not need to spend lots of money to use such an app. There are smart and cost-effects apps available out there, which give you access to millions of responders. You can receive answers from them to make some really critical decisions.

Creating a Poll Using an App

An Audience Response System App allows you to create and deliver polls easily and quickly. If you don’t already have such an app, sign up now and create and launch your poll within minutes. Wondering how you can create a poll? Here is the process!

  • Compose your question or a set of questions you want to ask
  • Post it on your website, blog or popup window, or email it to your clients
  • Receive feedback from your audience and use the responses to make decisions
  • You may or may not share the poll results with your audience using the app

Tips to Improve Your Polls

Now that you know the significance of having polls and you also know how to use an ARS app to create a poll, here we will give you a few tips on how you can maximize the success of your poll and improve it:

  • Keep the poll simple and short. For this, multiple choice type of format is extremely easy and fast to attend for you as well as for your audience. To keep it short, give a maximum of 5 questions for fast polling.
  • Make the poll as per your target audience: The aim of your poll is to encourage engagement from your audience. By asking their preferences and opinions, try to make it a fun activity for them.
  • Use point scale system for your questions: Allow your audience to give their poll across a points system. If 1 means bad and 5 means excellent, maintain this system across your poll.

Now that you know all the uses of an audience polling software and you also know how to make a poll and how to improve it, the next step is to find a reliable app that you can use for making your polls. The app that you use should have a user-friendly interface, and it should be easily accessible from all platforms.