Batch editing is one of the best innovations in photography since the zoom lens. Rather than having to edit hundreds of images individually, you can set parameters, load the images and leave the software to do the rest.

If you run an online store, are a photographer, graphic designer or publisher, batch editing can save you a ton of time. It can also make you more productive and perhaps save your sanity when working with hundreds of product images!

What is batch editing?

Batch editing is where you group multiple images together and apply specific changes to all of them at once.

Rather than editing hundreds of images individually, you can batch them all together, tell your image editor what you want to do and leave the software to do the work.

By batch editing, you can edit hundreds of photos in seconds as opposed to the hours it would take to perform manually.

Valuable time saved that you could use more productively elsewhere.

Typical tasks you can accomplish with batch editing

Some images require personal attention and individual editing to perfect, but there are some tasks that can be automated and applied to multiple images at once to streamline the whole process. Those tasks include:

1. Resize multiple images

Need to resize multiple product images for a website, catalog or social media? This is a key strength of batch editing.

Select all the images you want to resize, set the dimensions you want, and let your batch editing tool do the rest!

This used to be one of the biggest time sinks for editors. Now we can resize hundreds of images in seconds rather than hours!

2. Remove or replace the background on multiple images

Preparing product images for an online store or brochure? Need to isolate the product or subject from the background or replace it with a new background? Bulk edit them and save yourself hours of time!

Some apps can remove backgrounds from images in seconds, while others also feature an AI background generator that creates new realistic customized backgrounds which are perfect for cranking through a batch of product photos. Use it for individual images or do it in bulk, the results are consistently great.

Gone are the days where you had to manually remove the background from every product photo. Now you can gather all your images and remove or replace the background on every single one in just a click.

3. Create shadows on multiple product photos

Some image editing apps can add realistic shadows to product photos using AI, which can also be applied to multiple images at once using a batch mode tool.

Batch editing like this streamlines the image creation and publishing process for any business, by creating shadows in minutes to produce professional photographs that have lifelike aesthetics and a visual appeal that maintains consistency across their entire product catalog.

Used in conjunction with background generator tools, any business can have studio-quality photographs with ease.

4. Add text or watermarks to several images

Need to add a business name or watermark to multiple images? Use a batch editing tool to make your life easier.

Whether it’s adding brand names, copyright notices or promotional messages, tools like this ensure efficiency and uniformity, saving your business time while producing a professional image for websites, social media channels or product brochures for instance.

5. Apply image enhancements

You can also enhance multiple images at once using a batch editing tool, allowing you to apply improvements across several images simultaneously. Whether it’s adjusting lighting, tweaking brightness, fine-tuning contrast, or enhancing saturation, these tools streamline the process and ensure that all your product photos receive consistent and polished enhancements.

Benefits of batch image editing

The main benefits of batch image editing are around saving time and money, but let’s not forget your sanity too. Every job has tasks we don’t enjoy and sitting in front of a computer or mobile screen for hours on end editing product photos isn’t fun for anyone – especially when it can be done in minutes without any of the effort.

Having the right tools to automate time-consuming tasks is a real game-changer for editing images.

You can save time by batch editing your product photos while saving money by not needing to pay extortionate editing fees from a photographer. You can isolate multiple images with a white or transparent background for your website or brochure in a click of a button, without any of the hassle.

You’ll also save your sanity by letting the app handle repetitive tasks so you’re not changing the settings and entering the same data into hundreds of different product images for hours on end.

Possibly the best invention for photographers, graphic designers and business owners yet? We think so!