Pain around the tailbone area can be discomforting, especially when one spends several hours at work. Several people are more into the sedentary lifestyle which includes spending several hours of their time behind an office desk which means less mobility to keep the body active. Also, sitting for long periods has some adverse effects, including severe back pain, fatigue, and lower back pain. To prevent this, it is important to consider Everlasting Comfort Office Chair Seat Cushion Pillow for Back, Coccyx, & Tailbone Pain Relief Pad. These are some of the amazing benefits of having a tailbone cushion.

Digestion becomes easier

Indigestion can be caused by poor sitting positions which stem out from the cushioned chair being used – some of these chairs can lead to the compression of the abdomen and pelvis. There is also the likelihood of suffering from minor health issues like constipation or even heartburn. In worse-case scenarios, there is the probability of experiencing bloating, abdominal cramps, and prickly bowel syndrome. After a heavy meal, one needs a soft tailbone cushion to relax and ease digestion.

Better concentration at work

An everlasting comfort cushion also helps in improving posture and the proper circulation of blood in the system. Using a tailbone cushion at work will improve the circulation of blood and even one’s posture. The chair is made with a buffer which helps in protecting the user from back pain which is a number one productivity hinderer.

Improve productivity

Comfort is one of the things which help employees to become more productive and focused at work. With a good tailbone cushion chair, the company will not have many people going on sick leave or calling in for back pain. When employees are healthy, it results in great productivity which will improve work performance.

Available variety

Another advantage of tailbone cushions is that they come in different types, which offer users different options and designs to make a pick from depending on their personal preferences. There are gel and memorable and even hybrid cushions.

More comfort

Sitting exposes your tailbone to pressure. A good cushion relieves this pressure enabling you to sit longer without experiencing pain. When you are comfortable, you sit upright, thereby maintaining a good posture which translates to better health.


Seat cushions cannot be used at different places; they are not limited just to the office. These seats can be added to a car seat for improved comfort when driving. For people who love road trips or go on adventurous trips, they can be carried along to make the journey more fun and comfortable.

Better Circulation

Sitting on one spot for long hours can make circulation difficult. Blood that is meant to circulate to the back and legs will be hard to get there which will lead to insufficient oxygen. This will in turn slow down one’s metabolism which will lead to fatigue and laziness. To prevent this, getting an everlasting comfortable office chair will be the best solution since it allows blood to flow to the pelvis area, back and legs.


Get the best office chairs that provide spine support, improved blood circulation, and digestion with the best comfort at Everlasting Comfort. These chairs are quite flexible and super comfortable.