One of the biggest challenges that most candidates face after passing the application stage with ease is the interview. Interviews play an important role in the hiring process of most organizations. To land your dream job, you need to present yourself as a professional and answer all questions effectively. You can achieve this objective by preparing yourself adequately.

Over the years, interview preparation was undermined by millions of people across the world. However, today, there has been a shift in mindset in recent years. Back then, people focused on their extracurricular and academic achievements since people who had a specific degree were eligible for the job. However, landing your dream job today revolves around being a confident and knowledgeable individual. It’s all about your preparedness for the interview and how you present yourself, your abilities, and your skills to the recruiter.

Fortunately, the need to help people prepare for interviews has led to the creation of a niche market. Today, you can easily access relevant information on the best methods to use when preparing for a job interview.

Top 10 Sites for Interview Preparation

From developing new skills, taking tests, and chatting with mentors, interview preparation sites have been cropping up to help candidates set clear goals, come up with effective strategies and meet deadlines. Here is a list of the best interview preparation websites that will help you prepare for an interview.


Ambitionbox is a popular website that provides amazing tips that help interviewees get through the hiring process easily and quickly. It also showcases various company reviews. You’ll use practice tests to help you get familiar with the interview environment. The website provides information about salaries in different fields as the employees’ state. While these amounts are not necessarily exact, they are specific to the organizations. By visiting this site, you’ll get to take practice interview tests that are based on the info provided by employees. The reviews on the site will also help you assess the culture of the organization and prepare for personality tests in an interview.


This is a popular interview preparation site that is focused on helping coders, software developers, and programmers land their dream job by asking coding questions. Some of its key features include questions and answers from interviews at huge organizations and past year questions that have been filtered according to topics, companies, and levels. This platform is perfect for coders, software developers, and programmers in the beginner and advanced levels. Since its main target is developers, it has managed to attract some of the best developers in the world who share their knowledge and experiences on specific topics.


This platform was created to assist aspiring software engineers to prepare for interviews. This website allows people to answer questions and receive responses in real-time in form of scores. You can easily adjust the difficulty level according to the category you want to interview. It also supports several programming languages. While this great site is limited to coding, it is ideal for programmers, coders, and developers.


This is one of the most popular platforms among people who enjoy taking mock interviews. Gainlo will allow you to connect with experts and professionals in their field and huge global companies to prepare for interviews. You’ll get to access some of the best interviewers from organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google and get timely feedback to make progress. You can access this interview preparation platform at a price. It’s one of the best interview simulators. It will also boost your confidence.


This interview preparation site is targeted at helping programmers and coders land their dream jobs. It provides access to the best coding questions that you are likely to get asked during an interview. Some of its key features include constant updates to help you reflect on the best interview questions and lots of features that enable you to prepare for upcoming interviews. The majority of people preparing for interviews use this platform since most of their questions are usually asked in interviews.


When you are thinking of preparing for an interview, it’s always important to test your aptitude. This website has lots of aptitude questions. You’ll get to assess yourself and improve your chances of landing your dream job. You’ll also access rich resource materials at different interview levels. Unlike other interview preparation sites, this platform is focused on questions based on aptitude.


This is an amazing interview platform that allows you to technical interview practices that happen anonymously. The best part is, these practices are conducted by leading firms such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. The interviews on this platform are usually performed with voice communication only for it to be done anonymously. Suggestions and feedback are provided after the interview to boost your performance. Finally, if your performance meets or surpasses their expectations, you might end up landing a job at the company.


This is the ideal platform for candidates who prefer taking mock interviews in their areas of specialization. All you have to do is fill up the professional qualification and choose a time slot for your interview. Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive a list of resources that will help you prepare adequately for your interview. A scorecard will also be provided after the interview to help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also get a link to your interview to evaluate your performance. You only have to pay a few bucks to enjoy these benefits.


AceTheInterview is a popular website that helps candidates to prepare adequately for job interviews. The majority of millennials across the world use this site to prepare and boost their confidence during interviews. The platform has lots of amazing questions from the best experts in the industry.


As the name suggests, this platform is designed to help coders and developers start and build their careers. A lot of questions have been published on the site to help candidates prepare effectively for their interviews. The reviews about the site are amazing, meaning that this site has helped a lot of people land their dream jobs.

Common questions on preparing for an interview

Preparing for an interview involves taking your time to consider the qualifications of a vacant post, the employer, and your goals. To do this effectively, you need to conduct extensive research on the company and review the job description to understand why it is a great option for you. One of the leading reasons for poor performance in an interview is lack of preparation. You should always do your research and prepare well before going for an interview. Preparation is essential if you want to succeed.

Like everything else, there is a guide that will help you prepare for your interview. As we said earlier, interview preparation is all about preparing for your interview. Here is a guide that will help you achieve your result easily:

Examine the job description

As you prepare, you should always use the job description that has been prepared by the employer. A job description is a list of qualities, qualifications, and background prepared by the employer. Employers will see that you are qualified when you align with the details. The job description will help you come up with ideas about the questions that might be asked during the interview.

Why are you interviewing?

Before going for your interview, you need to figure out why you want the job and your qualifications. You should explain your interest and why you should be hired.

Research on your role and the entire organization

Conducting extensive research on the company that you want to join is one of the key steps of preparing for your interview. This will not only help provide contexts for conversations during the interview but also help you in preparing deep questions for interviewers. Research on your role and the company as much as you can to have an advantage over your competitors. Apart from that, preparing for your interview adequately will help you remain calm during the entire process.

Requirements for preparing for an interview

You should always bring along these items when coming for an interview:

  • Business cards
  • A pen and notepad
  • Work samples or portfolio
  • Copies of your resume
  • References
  • Folder
  • A smile

Length of preparation

The length of your preparation does not matter. What you should always focus on is your preparedness. You know what you are capable of within yourself. It can take days, weeks, or even months to prepare for an interview. You need to test yourself after preparing to determine your readiness.


As you have seen, there are lots of great interview preparation websites out there for you to use. Interview preparation has become quite competitive in recent months. Therefore, it’s always important to use the right resources to have an edge over your competitors. Some websites will require you to pay a few bucks. However, this shouldn’t stop you from using these resources. Apart from improving your technical skills, you shouldn’t ignore your soft skills. Various research studies have shown that communication skills can greatly improve one’s chances of landing their dream job.