Momix is an internet streaming app that makes it simple for users to watch live TV, web series, movies that are both recent and vintage. Customers of this platform can also access various OTT sources. It even allows users to download this streaming app on various gadgets, such as a phone, smart TV, etc.


This app offers a variety of content, including movies, web series, and live TV. It allows users to access multiple OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on different devices.

It offers ad-free services for users to enjoy uninterrupted shows. Free users can watch 10 hours of content per month. Premium users have unlimited access to videos anytime, anywhere. Free users have limited access to content, but premium users can access advanced services in real-time.

Top 20 Apps Like Momix

Momix provides all of its consumers with services without interjecting advertisements, allowing them to watch TV uninterrupted. But if you want a different platform for various reasons, this list of the top 20 Best Momix Alternatives will help you to select a platform that is comparable to Momix.

1. Mflix


Mflix is on the list of the Best Momix Alternatives and it lets you stream live TV from well-known television channels and watch free movies and TV series online. You can watch every movie and TV show on Mflix for free because it offers the largest collection available. The platformwill stream movies in high definition automatically, so you don’t have to worry about the quality when you watch them online.

2. Cinema HD

cinema hdCinema HD is an online streaming service that lets you search and watch all of your favorite movies on the move, whenever it’s convenient for you. You can quickly find information about all the related movies by searching for a movie’s name or keywords in the search field.It is easily one of the Best Momix Alternatives because it features an extensive library of the newest films and television series sorted by genre.

3. Pikashow


Pikashow is one of the greatest, most feature-rich, and secure streaming apps available for iOS and Android smartphones. It is great for those who are passionate about streaming and wish to view full-length, high-quality movies. The app also enables limitless streaming of web series, live TV shows, and much more.

4. NetTvLive

In just a single app, Live NetTv offers you access to over 800 TV channels. The company claims they offer every channel you’re interested in. TV channels can be easily selected and searched through nine distinct categories: Music, Kids, Documentaries, Movies, Religious, News, Sports, and International. Due to its daily data updates, Live NetTv remains the finest alternative if you want unrestricted access to entertainment without any fees.


This good Android app for free entertainment is called MOVIE TV BOX – Free Movies. You may view your favorite TV series and movies even without an internet connection with this program.Viewers say MOVIE TV BOX is among the Best Momix Alternatives after using it. It lets you download and play movies in practically any format without any difficulty or delay.

Watching the newest films by yourself or with others won’t be an issue thanks to this hassle-free software. HD videos can be swiftly and discreetly downloaded and saved.

6. Filmzie

Filmzie is an online platform that offers consumers an infinite amount of movies and shows for their television needs.Users say Filmzie is the number one among theBest Momix Alternatives, given its features. Because every piece of content on this site is in high definition, its users can enjoy themselves. In order to help creative people get more exposure, it can even give its users access to information on the newest releases from the film business.

7. Rave

You can be entertained better with yourself and your life when you use apps like TogetherTube, Hulu, Rave, and so on. Rave, an online movie streaming app enables you to synchronize your friends on a single screen to watch stuff together.

Rave streaming app is among the Best Momix Alternatives because it lets you can watch entertaining movies, Netflix series, YouTube videos, and a ton of other content on your PC and mobile devices.


With only a click, you can stream movies, live sports events, and web series on RTS TV. It is one of the fastest-growing video entertainment apps. You can use it from anywhere in the world and it is completely free to stream. The best thing about this entertainment app—what sets it apart from others—is that it lets you view more than 1000 local and international TV channels. You may watch online league games and sporting events with the app as well.

9. OneBox HD

OneBox HD is a great method for you and your family to enjoy TV series, movies, and other entertainment content directly on your tablets and cell phones. You may use one of the greatest apps and watch movies and television shows online. You may download the OneBox HD movies app for free on the devices of your choice.

OneBox HD cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store, nor can the most recent OneBoxapk. OneBox HDoffers superior tools that puts it in the Best Momix Alternativeslist of apps that let you find the movies and TV series you want. It’s completely free and transparent, so you don’t even have to pay for anything.

10. Fawesome

Fawesomeis one of the greatest apps for viewing TV series and movies online for free. From the newest independent films to the biggest blockbusters, you have access to thousands of movies and TV series.

It is the greatest website to watch movies and TV series for free. It provides you with an enjoyable and productive method to pass the time. It is high-quality and accessible in HD format. You have an abundance of alternatives due to the range of genres available.

11. Pobreflix

The list of the Best Momix Alternativesis not complete without Pobreflix. It is a great app for watching full-HD movies on your phone forfree.Moreover, it includes an integrated database that makes it easier for you to locate the most recent movies.

It is free of charge, so, you can select the film or television show that you wish to view. This application offers content from a variety of film and television genres. In order to begin watching your favorite content, all you have to do is install the application.

12. Betflix

A vast library of movies and TV shows may be accessed for free with the Betflix app. Whether it’s comedy, drama, horror, action, or another genre, you’ll undoubtedly find something to watch. Aside from titles and release year search features, you can also search by genre.

13. Azam TV Max

You will be captivated for hours on end by the range of entertainment available on AzamTV Max. Many fantastic features are also included in the app. In addition to live TV channel streams, this streaming service provides VODs of some of your favorite films and TV shows.

14. Foxi Movie App anf TV Shows

Watching movies on the Foxi Movie App and TV Shows is a pretty easy method. You will be able to watch and download movies in a variety of categories with this software.On your tablet or smartphone, you may download high definition movies and watch them with English and other language subtitles.

15. Popcorn Time

You can download a movie or TV show using Popcorn Time and store it in a different folder so you can watch it when you’re offline. You may use the popcorn time app to choose your favorite film by adding several criteria to the list of available movies, such as genre, release date, video quality, duration, etc.

16. JioCinema

Reliance offers a free lifestyle app called JioCinema that gives you access to a wide range of video material, including entertainment and live sports streaming. You can watch movies, TV shows, and even web series. Even match highlights for games you might have missed recently are available. It works well as a substitute for apps like Amazon Prime Video and ESPN.

17. Watch Box Office

If you enjoy watching movies, this app can be exactly what you need. This app is free to use, and registration is not needed. Because of the user-friendly design, watching movies is hassle-free, convenient, and straightforward. There are trailers featured in addition to the excellent quality films.

18. CyberFlix

One of the Best Momix Alternatives called CyberFlix allows you access to an amazing library of free films, TV series, and other entertainment options from your phone. You may cast movies and TV shows straight to your smart TV with the help of the CyberFlix TV app and Chromecast. It is among the few platforms for video-on-demand that offers multiple language subtitle support, allowing you to watch movies in the language of your choice.

19. Wingoo HD Movies

If you like greetings from the world of smartphone movies, choose this app because it provides you the greatest contents in Hollywood and from fields globally. You don’t need to pay for anything; everything is free. Credit cards are not required, nor are there any sign-up or subscription fees. Just launch the app, then begin viewing.

20. BeeTV

Choose BeeTV when searching for the Best Momix Alternatives because it helps you enjoy watching an endless amount of TV series, movies, and other entertainment content on BeeTV. With Android, you can obtain free access to the most recent BeeTV version and see movie displays on the screen. It displays a button with menu options so you may select the TV series and movies you want to stream.

Final Thoughts

These apps are the Best Momix Alternatives for watching movies and TV shows. You can download the right platform on your PC or mobile after looking at the features the offer for your streaming habits and taste.