This era of the pandemic outbreak has caused a lot of mental health issues in millions of people. People faced lockdown, isolation, loss of loved ones, ran out of business, job loss, recession, infection spreading in the air, protest, elections and a year full of tragic events. It was like sitting on a roller-coaster for a long time and things are yet to settle down.

People searched for mental health service and shifted their course from in-personal therapy to online therapy or teletherapy due to the phase of lockdown. As per the reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there was a 50% increase reported in the field of online therapy or teletherapy services. The patients and therapists have moved to a web-based therapy session to stay protected from the COVID-19 outbreak and keep the mental health therapy in progress.

Top 7 Online Therapy Platforms

There is a major difference between traditional therapy and online video therapy. This is the way they connect through text, voice chat, video chat or live conferencing. These are similar to the zoom or skype calls where they conduct the therapy sessions.

BetterHelp – Best Online Video Therapy Platform

This is one of the world’s leading teletherapy company that offers the best online therapy sessions with over 16,000 licensed professionals. They have served over one and a half million patients and worked in the year 2020. All the therapists have over 1000 hours or a minimum of 3 years of expertise.

Once you Register on the BetterHelp website, it rarely takes less than 24 hours to connect with a therapist and if you are not happy and satisfied with the therapist, you can always request a change. You can select from a pool of therapists that offer expertise from life transitions to career issues. It offers therapy sessions for Individuals, Teens and Couples.

Talkspace – Most Popular Online Therapy Service

Talkspace has been serving people for over eight years and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is represented as their spokesperson. With over a million happy patients, Talkspace is one of the most leading online therapy service providers across the globe. They have an inbuilt Artificial Intelligence (AI) based matchmaking system to find the best therapist for you as per your responses.

Talkspace has specialization in areas like anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, addiction, traumatic attacks, LGBTQ struggles, Panic Attacks, or even veteran-related issues. They also have specialized therapists who can help you with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), psychodynamic therapy or mindfulness.

Thriveworks – Best Customer Service

Thriveworks is one unique therapy service that specializes in marriage counselling, addiction counselling, life coaching, child therapy and other life events like depression, anxiety, relationship issues, low self-esteem, trauma. Getting an appointment with them is not a difficult task. If you get lucky, you may get a same-day appointment or for the next day session.

They are registered and accredited service recognized by all major health insurances services including Medicaid. Thriveworks come with a better approach to counselling with skilled, trained, and caring professionals. You can expect high-tech customer service, premium membership benefits, expert-level therapists, and better use of technology to get the most out of your therapy sessions.

MDLive – Best Range of Mental Health Services

MDLive offers you the best range of mental health services. They offer the largest catalogue of therapists and mental health services at an affordable cost. Certified and trained therapists can help you relax anxiety, depression, addictions, and offer support to LGBTQIA+ communities. From Medical, Behavioral, Dermatology to over 80+ conditions are treated through trained therapist or psychiatrist right over a phone call, computer website, or on the mobile app. You can also request a doctor’s visit to your home for a consultation.

TeenCounseling – Best for Teens

TeenCounseling is one major service that is thriving to help out teens with their upbringing issues. They provide professional counselling through text, chat or video calls through licensed, accredited, and experienced counsellors. If your teen is suffering from depression, anxiety, bullying, relationships, trauma, or other issues, TeenCounseling is the right choice for your teen. TeenCounseling is equipped with 7100+ therapists to match your loved ones and offer the right level of the therapy session.

7 Cups – Best for Peer Support

7 Cups is the world’s largest Emotional Support system available whenever you need someone to talk to. You can connect to caring listeners to be heard by volunteer listeners and connect to chat with people who can understand your concerns. 7 Cups are a team of over 180 professional therapists with over 300,000 trained listeners to share their ear who helped over 25 million concerned people. People suffering from issues, like depression, anxiety, relationships, LGBTQ+ and more can connect and seek mental health therapy. They offer FREE listeners to teens between 13 to 17 years of age. If you are surrounded by people, but still feel lonely, you should try that FREE call to 7 Cups.

Regain – Best Therapy Platform for Couples

Regain is the best couple therapy service you can ever rely upon to regain your friendship, trust, intimacy, affection, joy, passion, or companionship. If you are serious about saving or improving your relationship, you can count on professional counselling by licensed therapists. Major services offered by Regain are for Psychology, Anxiety & Depression due to Attachment or Attraction, fear of Dating, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Engagement, Family violence, Friendship betray, Intimacy, Love, Marriage, Online Dating, Parenting, Relationship or Singleness.

Summing Up

Anxiety, Depression or Mental Health issues are something that needs to be taken care of by professional experts and going for the best teletherapy services can ease up your stress sitting right on your couch. These are the best online therapy platforms of 2021 that you can rely upon and start your therapy without visiting a therapy center. Connect with well-minded people right from your device.