Project management software is very useful for the companies to manage projects. Best project management software will help the team members, managers, team leads and other employees. Project management software can be installed on the company’s systems or they can be used online. These project management software have different features like task management, project planning, team communication and other features.

Top 10 Project Management Software and Tools

There are many project management software that also contains portfolio management tools and program management tools apart from all other features of Project management software. Here at we have listed best project management software and tools that can help you to manage your projects effectively.

1. ClickUp


ClickUp is a great project management software that comes with lots of powerful features that will help you to manage and complete all the projects that a team has in a single place. It will also help you to schedule tasks, projects planning, and resource management in single and centralized space. Members of the team will communicate with each other, and work together in a single place and the work can be shared with guests.

ClickUp project management tool contains task management features like a checklist for tasks, templates, filtering, sorting, and searching for tasks in the easiest way possible for the team.

Other features of this project management program include document creating sharing and work sharing. Users of this program will be able to create Gantt charts, calendars, and other things that will help them to visualize tasks.

  • Comes with 14 days free trial
  • Price starts at $17/month for 2 users


monday is one of the best project management software that will make the work of managing a team very easy. This simple program contains a simple but intuitive layout that will help users to complete the work easily. has different features that will help users to manage projects, track time, collaborate, and report. Users can also make comments, mention members, do other things to the files uploaded. This program also contains a dashboard that contains all the important information. Also this dashboard will collect data from different boards so that it will help you track all the progress. contains simple tools that will help users to manage timelines, track time, and invoices. It is a customizable project management tool that will help you to work according to your needs.

3. Teamly


Teamly is a remote work-focused collaboration and productivity tool designed to help teams work efficiently. With its real-time chat feature, team members can easily communicate with each other, no matter where they are located, improving productivity and enabling teams to stay connected.

The workflow and task management features allow users to set goals, assign tasks, track progress, and generate reports in a organized and timely manner, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Teamly’s screen capture video & audio recording enables businesses to keep track of every detail of a project from start to finish, providing a full picture of what went on behind the scenes.

Employee time tracking & monitoring helps managers ensure that deadlines are met and provides insight into how much time was actually spent on each task or project. This allows project managers to make better decisions faster and keep everyone motivated and focused on their goals.

  • Comes with free version
  • Price from $5/user/month

4. Kintone


Kintone is a simple project management software that will help the project managers to track projects, prioritize tasks, and review the work. It is a great customizable tool that will help you to create project management tools according to your needs. It also contains a drag and drop feature that will help the non coders to create project management tools according to the needs.

Kintone has customization features that have the ability to create reminders, task filtering, and will help you to generate custom reports. Kintone has the ability to create reports, automated handoffs, and multistep workflows.

Users of this program also helps you to edit, manage, and update workflows. You can also do all the tasks using the mobile and desktop platforms.

One great feature of this program is its communication channel that is already built in. Its chat feature will help the team members to communicate with each other which will help in managing the task much easier and stay connected.

  • Comes with 30 days free trial
  • price $24 per user/month

5. Clarizen



Clarizen is a great professional level program that will help big organizations to manage their work easily. This program is designed to speedup the managing process by integrating content, work and process together neatly. Clarizen is a professional grade program that will make your work faster using different time saving work flows.

This program has a different task list, schedules, files and docs. This program will help in making communications between the team. It is a fully featured program that will help you to view timeline, manage different projects, budgets, and document sharing. This program will show all the information in real time like resources, tasks, and schedules. This program can work with different other enterprise tools. Salesforce, Jira, Tableau, Intact, and SharePoint etc.

  • Comes with 30-day free trial
  • Price stats at $60/user/month

6. Celoxis


Celoxis is a complete project management tool, it is also a web-based program that will help users to collaborate and manage different projects. This simple program is used by the different organizations.

Celoxis contains interactive Gantt charts that will help in managing real world projects. Using Celoxis project management tool companies can geographically distribute projects to users in working in different time zones, or working part time, and do resource swapping, this program contains various other features.

This program will help you to manage different tasks and will also help users to report bugs, manage internal tasks, and collaborate in a single tool. Team will get notifications of the tasks in the email and will be able to send updates directly.

  • Comes with 30 day free trial
  • Price $25/user/month


Forecast is a simple but powerful project management tool that you can find. It is a great all in one project management tool that will also help you to manage resources. It also contains automation for the project management and using automation users can project delivery dates, improve efficiency and predict needs.

This program also contains drag and drop features that will help you to edit project management tools and make the program more efficient. This program will help you to track all the progress using time sheets and other modules.

  • Comes with 14 day free trial
  • Price from $29/seat/month

8. Teamwork


Teamwork is an inhouse project and work management tools that will help your inhouse management team to work efficiently. This simple program will increase visibility, accountability, and results. This is a great project management tool that will manage your entire project from start to finish.

You can create tasks, make lists, and manage subtasks, so that you can break the work for your team. This program will help you to add due dates, description, documents, tags, and priorities of your project.

  • Has free version
  • Comes with a 30 day free trial and credit card required.
  • Price from $10/user/month

9. Wrike


Wrike is one of the best project management software tools that you can find for your team. This simple program will help you to manage the projects easily, also, you can use this program for unlimited numbers for the users. This tool is customizable and will help users to customize, dashboards, reports, and workflows.

Wrike is a simple program that has drag and drop Gantt charts. This program also contains features like schedules, file sharing, real-time communication, task lists and subtasks. This program also contains a performance reporting tool, and resource management so that your team can get all the details about the projects. IT has a simple user interface that will make project management very easy.

  • Has free version
  • Comes with 14 days free trial
  • Price $9.80/user/month

10. Kissflow Project


Kissflow Project is a simple and elegant project management tool that will help you to collaborate, and coordinate a project. It also provides transparency, and increases productivity to a project. This program also contains tracking that will help users to get the clear view of a project.

Kissflow Project is a customizable tool that helps users take control of the project and will help you to manage user’s needs. This simple program will help you to share project information, documents, and other things needed for project completion. This tool has integration with Microsoft, and G suite and it offers REST API and webhooks.

  • Has free version
  • Comes with 30 days free trial
  • Price  $90/month which Includes 10 users

11. MeisterTask


MeisterTask is a simple web-based project management tool that will help with all your needs for project management. This program has a simple user interface that will make the project management easy.

This program has different designs that will make working on projects easier. This program also contains project boards that can be customized easily. Other features of this program include, time tracking, watchers, tags, due dates and other useful features.

  • Has free version
  • Price $8.25/month

12. ProofHub

ProofHub is a scalable and customizable project management and team collaboration tool that helps businesses and their teams to replace poor planning, low productivity, and cluttered work process with well-organized, streamlined workflows, high productivity, and timely project completion and delivery.

Using the tool’s Task Management feature, project managers can easily allocate tasks to multiple assignees, set deadlines, and track their progress at every stage. Multiple project views (Gantt, Board, Table, Calendar) help you to visualize the project progress and check out who’s doing what to ensure optimal resource utilization.

Worried about time wastage at work? The inbuilt Time-tracking feature helps you and your team record how much time it takes to complete various tasks. Procrastination takes a backseat as you set time estimates and start-end dates to tasks, which ensures that assignees can prioritize tasks to ensure timely completion and avoid project delays.

ProofHub takes team collaboration to another level with a suite of features, like Instant chat, Online proofing, File management, and Real-time updates. You can set custom workflows, create custom reports, and add as many users to your project.

  • Comes with a free 14-day trial
  • Starts with $45 per month when billed annually, unlimited users are allowed


There are different project management tools that will help your team to manage work efficiently. We have listed some of the best project management tools that you use to manage your workflow. These programs are filled with features that will help your team to work efficiently.