Screen sharing software is known for resolving numerous challenges as you can share your screen with your friends or colleagues and show the coding problems or other presentation issues you are encountering. However, it requires you to have one of the best screen sharing software in your Windows computer or some other device from which you can connect to show screens.

Best Screen Sharing Software for 2024

These screen sharing software have gained much attention and hike during pandemic as work from home has already become a new culture. This is why we have found out a handful of tried and tested but best screen sharing software for you. Have a look at their features and select the right one for yourself here!


Zoom is one such software today which has gained popularity all over the world because of its strong capabilities to keep people connected. Whether it’s a business meeting or personal assistance, this software makes everything easier for you. If you wish to take remote access to anyone else’s screen, you just need to go to open View Options > Request Remote Control > Request.  As and when the other person accepts your request, you are eligible to see their screen.

The similar process could be taken up by the other person to watch your screen with this free screen sharing software.


TeamViewer is the oldest and most trusted screen sharing software, it has a huge fan base and trusted number of users. Not that you can only share screens and access remote desktops but this software even allows you to transfer files between connected computers, make conference calls and even show online presentations.

To share or view someone else’s screen, you are required to enter a PIN code. For once it works fine but if you want to connect a group with the same number of people again and again then you can even create a group and go for one-click access. One can even go for group sessions where passing control between users is also available rather than just a one way session.

Chrome Remote Desktop

It requires both the computers which need to be connected have Chrome browser installed. After that, you don’t need any other software for sharing screens. Although it lacks advanced features as provided by others, all you have to do is install Chrome web store, use automatically generated access code and this will happen in a few seconds. If you need regular access, you can even set up the situation.

If you wish, you can even open and connect with the other computer using the web application.


Inspired by Teamviewer, AeroAdmin has striking visuals which require you to run 2 MB EXE files and then follow the instructions mentioned on the screen. Make a connection using the computer’s IP address and share the password which is generated automatically. Whether you have interactive meetings, webinars or distance education, this software gives you the chance for full remote control, file transfer and ability to connect numerous endpoints.

Moreover, this screen sharing software is also capable of providing employee monitoring control and parental control for best possible solutions.


With outstanding performance in terms of best screen sharing software, you can also find superior security decked up. It even acts as a portable program as well as desktop application. Any two users can easily connect themselves through the application, they just need to download the software on their desktop.

The best part is that it is applicable on all the platforms including Windows, Mac iOS, Android, Linux and Raspberry Pi. Moreover, the software is very lean and elegant with its smooth performance at even high screen resolution and low bandwidth. Apart from this, other features include adjustable sliders for connection quality, remote recording of the ongoing session and cross computer keyboard shortcuts.

Lite Manager

litemanager screen sharing software

Lite Manager is a unique and free screen sharing software which is not usually appreciated by people but it contains features which numerous other expensive tools provide. Advanced gestures like RDP integration, network mapping, registry editing, screen recording, IP filtering, remote installation, 30 connected computers, etc.

Use ‘Connect my ID’ mode and use your personal ID to connect between two computers. Moreover, client and server modules work in networks connected to the internet through a proxy server.


We hope that you have found the best screen sharing software for your official or personal purposes already and will pick the right one for you. If you ask us for the best recommendation, we suggest you try Zoom, Teamviewer or Chrome remote desktop to experience the best ways of sharing your screen with others. If you wish to try something unique, try Lite Manager for its availability free of cost and advanced features.