In today’s cut-throat digital space, how do you keep on the highest of all your social media marketing chores?

Right from developing and posting content to insights and reporting, it could be reasonably irresistible to imagine all the jobs social media marketers have to finish on a daily basis.

Fortunately, there are a big bundle of awe-inspiring social media management tools easily accessible to assist. These amazing tools can undoubtedly simplify your roadmaps, facilitate you save a little time, and even make sure your content arrives at the correct audience at the correct time.

But then how do you make a decision that which product to use?

With numerous outstanding social media management tools out there, we strongly believed it would be terrific to display some of the best ones to facilitate you select what’s finest for your business. But before we jump into the list of tools, firstly we’ll take a quick look at why you require and how to select the social media management tool for your business.

Why You Require The Best Social Media Management Tool

It is quite simple to believe that B2B (business-to-business) social selling could and must be restricted to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are nearly entirely B2C (business-to-consumer) channels. That belief is, obviously, a very incorrect one. In today’s times, the average social media user devotes more than two-three hours on a daily basis across an average of eight platforms.

Absolutely yes, you read it right, 8 of them. Without a specific central tool to handle, harmonize, publish, distribute, evaluate, optimize, and enhance all your activity on all the appropriate platforms? You merely cannot implement a successful social media strategy of any type.

Latest social media management tools provide businesses (of all sizes and types) software or web-based solutions for selling, marketing, and engaging prospects and patrons in the digital domain. From post formation to scheduling and evaluating the outcomes – the social media management tool or suite of your preference must offer you a control center that also extends a complete outline of your social media movements’ impact and ROI (return on investment).

Contemplating the broad choice of social media management tools as well as solutions out there, how can one effortlessly start to select?

How To Select The Social Media Management Tool For Your Business

Before you deep dive into our unmatched list of ten best social media management tools, it’s worth taking a second to contemplate the benchmarks for choice.

No two businesses are similar and no two social media marketing approaches are the same. This exactly means that instead of cashing out on an advanced and innovative social media management platform, you should work out what you exactly you require or what you do not.

To support guide you as you read, here are some highlights as well as abilities of social media management tools to give attention to as you surf our suggestions:

  •         Tools strengthened and update frequency.
  •         Manifold account support around platforms.
  •         Content scheduling, posting, and optimization highlights.
  •         Examining and social listening facilities.
  •         Insightful analytics/insights and reports.
  •         Community management and audience action.
  •         Platform flexibility to adjust to alterations in business practices.
  •         Integration with third-party tools as well as solutions.
  •         Monthly and extra charges.
  •         The simplicity of use.

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

The latest and finest social media management tools undoubtedly make it extremely simple to handle social media marketing activities and strategies in a targeted manner. We have curated an unmatched list of the 10 best social media management tools. Let’s look through each tool.


Hootsuite is a blatant social media management tool that caters to more than 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies. You could easily handle your social media actions as per the market trends, enhance customer relationships, and expand revenue with the support of Hootsuite.

With Hootsuite, you could also have a smooth roadmap to carry out your social media approaches as they are backed by over 200 integrations. Also, handle manifold accounts, monitor social actions, run ads, and organize & schedule a variety of contents at a go, more than 35 social media platforms comprising Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.


One of the eldest and highly famous absolutely free social media management tools, Buffer primarily concentrates on the scheduling of posts across social media platforms. This free social media management tool largely strengthens social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Additionally, free users can control any three of the platforms whereas paid Pro users could easily schedule posts over popular platform Pinterest as well. Buffer presents you a wonderful set of tools to post, engage the audience, collaboratively work with your squad, and get insightful conclusions from the effective analytics.


HubSpot is most likely one of the more distinguishable names in marketing technology. Their all-in-one marketing solution incorporates a universal social media management add-on. With HubSpot, you could effortlessly post, share content, supervise content, along with insights and reporting. Like numerous platforms, the free option is fantastic for lessening expenses.

The complete automation tools offerings are also a constant talking point amongst patrons.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is an uncomplicated yet feature-loaded social media management tool that presents fairly basic yet universal abilities at a sensible price. Among others, Zoho gives a Live Stream option of social mentions for aimed keywords and a host of partnership features.

In addition to this, Zoho offers extraordinary ‘bang for your buck’ as per the users, along with its stretched tracking abilities both for your business as well as competitors’ brand views and sentiments.


SEMrush is one of the leading and well-recognized for being an all-encompassing SEO (search engine optimization) software platform, but it also integrates a pair of helpful tools for social media management all over LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business.

The social media poster permits you to schedule and posts on these distinct social media platforms. It consists of a link shortener, image editor, and UTM-builder, for modifying your posts, which you could then post instantly or as per an automated schedule. There’s also the capability to handle ads exclusively all over Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Facebook, and the Audience Network.

The social media tracker then permits you to chase cross-platform action with users, permitting you to accumulate insights for reports in a separate dashboard. This comprises both reactions to posts as well as mentions elsewhere. Also, you could easily supervise and examine competitors to identify how frequently they are posting.

The greatest strength, though, is the fact that SEMrush permits you to incorporate your social media management with your complete search engine optimization & marketing strategy and offers a helpful platform that makes everything simultaneously in one place.

Sprout Social

Just like Hootsuite, Sprout Social merges numerous social media tools into a single platform — from social media scheduling to supervising, to reporting.

Sprout Social is one of the rare social media management tools that offer client relationship management (CRM) elements. Having a comprehensive profile of your clients facilitates you cater to them well and make deeper relationships with them.


Sendible is a dominant social media management tool particularly for agencies who require to handle social media for several patrons.

You could either schedule posts all over diverse social media platforms or assimilate them with blogs and social sharing sites. You could even combine it with Slack and make the communication procedure a complete lot simpler.

Sendible could create a unified editorial calendar for your blog section. Furthermore, it also reports brand mentions, permitting you to reply to individuals and understand your social media presence.

This tool presents a distinctive feature to share existing content all over the web and share it to get a hold of more eyes on your profile.


CoSchedule is unquestionably one of the finest social media management tools in 2021. It is a marketing calendar to facilitate you handle projects on a solo dashboard social media management tool. You can all together share as well as post content to save time. Moreover, CoSchedule facilitates you to increase your productivity by creating your workflow more structured.


SocialBee is a social media management tool that facilitates businesses, of all sizes and types, make the most out of their social profiles. If you’re planning to publish unique and fresh content on a consistent basis, this tool is undoubtedly your go-to choice. With SocialBee you will save a lot of precious time because you could effortlessly automate your social media posting.

With an absolutely user-friendly interface, it presents the possibility to classify your content, exactly like top social media experts do. With this approach, your audience will appreciate the finest blend of content. It is tremendous that you could schedule all your posts from one place, consequently sharing content all over your social media platforms turn out to be a piece of cake.


A highly demanded and most famous social media management platform, Sprinklr is yet an additional platform that facilitates all types of businesses regardless of size. Sprinklr also has a significant clientele to its credit like Microsoft, McDonald’s, Nike, and many more.

Sprinklr facilitates you to easily manage followers, run ads, digital marketing campaigns, and engagement actions all over various social channels. All through Sprinklr, you could connect and schedule posts via over 23 social channels as well as forums.


We hope now you have an idea of the 10 best social media management tools 2021 that are also a part of affordable digital marketing services. Though, there are numerous important elements to remember whereas selecting the correct social media management solution. These consist of insights tools, platform integrations, and community management abilities, among others.

The extremely significant thing is to make sure that the tool you select perfectly fits your business model and gives the automation and insights/analytics facilities to use your time as well as marketing budgets successfully. Eventually, the objective is to bring together your social management and insights, not divide them across numerous solutions. So, whether you’re handling six accounts or sixty, the correct social management tool will permit you to emphasize your real objective – a greater ROI for every single marketing dollar.