Are you looking for the Tumblr alternatives? There are many options available for blogging platforms, we have curated list of some of the best Tumblr alternatives to share your content.

It might not be easy to believe that social media has not always been around. It started its growth gradually in the late 1990s. However, it only became accessible around 2005. This was only because mobile phones became affordable and almost everyone owned one. Facebook took over the social media space, and others like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, most recent TikTok have all joined the social media space. They all provide an interface for users to connect with literally anyone across the globe.  Today, social media is used by all to a point where there are recent studies on social media addiction (but that is a story for another day!)

Not far behind is blogging and blog posts with a different interface for sharing ideas, journaling from online communities, and recently, corporate bodies have used blogs as a marketing strategy. Tumblr is a type of blog app. This article is going to talk about Tumblr and all of its alternatives. Fasten your seatbelts. Let’s get moving!

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a social media app that helps individuals, or anyone expresses their thoughts and ideas for blogging. It allows you to effortlessly share anything from pictures, videos, links, quotes, and so on. It is often called a micro-blogging app. This is because it’s mostly a hybrid of a social network site and a blog. It also earns the name ‘microblog’ because people often post shorter content than regular blogs. Most Tumblr users often claim that the platform allows for a better and more creative expression of self than other social media platforms.

Tumblr has a high number of minors, leading to the restrictions the Tumblr developers placed on the app. Their intention was to reduce the number of adult content that users shared on the platform. The app’s policies became stricter. This drove away some of its users. However, the adult content saga is not the only reason some users are looking for alternatives. Some long-term tumbler users have moved on to learning and mastering their website management for bigger forms of content creation.

Main Features of Tumblr

Here are some of Tumblr’s best features;

Usage is Free: You don’t you to pay a dime to use Tumblr. There are some themes that require you to pay, but for the most part, it is free.

Tumblr is beginner-friendly: The interface of the app is so easy to maneuver, and you don’t have to worry if you have never used it. It is built-in with manual and guidance for new users

Lots of Themes: the app has a lot of themes that instigate your creative mind and spirit. You have the option of many themes to choose from to suit your personality or the message you’re trying to load or upload.

Despite these great features, there are certain fails of the app, including the recent ban of adult content, Limited Customization, some privacy concerns, and lastly, the fact that Tumblr owns the content posted on Tumblr. For these reasons, many people search for Tumblr alternatives that will do what Tumblr does and even better.

Best Tumblr Alternatives

Let’s look at the top Tumblr alternatives and choose the best blogging platform to share your creative content. You can consider below content-sharing platforms as replacements of Tumblr.


WordPress is more like a sophisticated version of Tumblr. It is easy to use with loads of customization alternatives. It is a CMS that has more features than most blogging platforms. This is an advantage and a disadvantage of the platform.

WordPress’ upgraded features cause a more cluttered interface. However, the access to almost unlimited customization will halo you grow your website.

WordPress has two product offers which include and is a profit-based and paid platform. It has less flexibility and is hosted on itself. The latter is a free and much more flexible platform to host and create your website.

WordPress allows for more personal and wide-range customization. However, the issue with WordPress is the excessive reliance on plugins. To get most of the listed functions stated above, you’ll have to install lots of plugins that will slow down your device.


Blogger is another free alternative to Tumblr. The tech-mighty Google owns blogger. Blogger only allows for 100 posts per account. Hence it is restricting for users who want to use their website for long-term purposes. Also, blogger does not let you host your website. However, it does have an easy-to-use interface, flexible features and lots of background picture alternatives, and even layout options.

Blogger also gives the blog/website statistics, including the number of views and clicks on the website and so on. The developers also integrated it with Google AdSense and Google analytics. These will not only help monitor the traffic on your website, but they will also aid ad placements on your website, especially if you’re into digital marketing.


Like Tumblr, Medium is also a micro-blogging social network. It focuses on content rather than the image-based campaign favored by other typical blogs. It has a great privacy feature so you can control who sees your posts.

Medium has a great number of in-built audiences with over 150 million readers. However, Medium has very few customization options, which will restrict your website’s branding and growth.


Mastodon is another excellent alternative to Tumblr. One major feature is that it provides an open-source service. This means that you can host your own website. It also means that you will be responsible for any error or glitches on your website. So it is highly decentralized

That’s not all! Mastodon also has a unique inter-operable feature which means that different servers can share information. It is also resistant to government interference and other technical issues as a result of its diversified nature.

There’s more. It’s also ad-free with various server options. Cool right?


Posthaven is another alternative that provides 10 different blog streams per account. Its creators are also committed to a no-sale and non-inheritance pact. Posts on the platform are permanent even after you become a non-user.

A major con of the platform is that it has no free trials for first-time users to test out its features. So you have to pay to have any access at all. Another one is that you can’t generate revenue from the platform.


This is also a micro-blogging platform that allows users to post writing content. It is easy to use with a beginner-friendly interface. Users have praised Ghost for its super-fast services, great structure, and community-friendly features.

However, you might want to hold on a bit before hopping on the app as it is going through a development stage.


Typepad became popular after it the big names in the entertainment industry like MSNBC, ABC, and BBC used it as the host for their blog. It is easy to use. Also, has in-built tools for blog statistics.

You can use Typepad for promotional purposes and can also import posts from WordPress. However, you can only properly utilize it after a subscription fee of about 8$ a month has been paid. Unlike advanced platforms like WordPress, It is still in need of enhancement.


Site123 provides an easy-to-use blogging platform. It also solves your hosting problems.

Site123 operates two plans. The free plan and the premium plan. While the free program gives you a general feel of their services, the premium has more advanced features to optimize your website.


Are you an artist, an art curator, or just head over heels in love with art? Then you would love DeviantArt!

DeviantArt art is a unique blogging platform that allows its users to document their artworks. It is not limited to just virtual art because you can show your art creations through it. That is not all. It also offers fan-fiction features. Awesome!

Although the creators can continue working on tools and advancing their features, DeviantArt still has a lot going on.


Pillowfort is very similar to Tumblr. It had its boom after the ban of Adult content in TUMBLR. You can post anything from pictures, videos, songs, and so on

However, as it is not fully established, you have to sign up using other people’s links. Most people regard it as an upgraded version of Tumblr.


Reddit started as a simple link where users tagged and commented on the viral picture, audio, etc. Soon, it became the internet’s front page. It is where you go to know what is happening on the internet at any given minute. It also has user-created communities and even has a cool anonymous feature that allows you to share without revealing your identity.

Final Words

There you go! All the best, Tumblr Alternatives. I hope you have read through it. Take your blogging to another level with any of the Tumblr Alternatives we have provided.