There are many young entrepreneurs with a passion for vaping. Some have been smokers for years but have found vaping a safer alternative that helped them quit smoking. You might also have noticed how different people experience the benefits of vaping and the rise in demand for vaping and related products. This can inspire you to explore different business opportunities in the vaporizer business and turn your passion into a profitable venture.

Vaporizers heat e-liquids, concentrates, or herbs to create a flavor you inhale. The global vape and e-cigarette market was valued at $22.45 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.6% from 2023 to 2030. Thus, the market presents numerous opportunities if you want to tap into the booming industry. This article unpacks seven of the best vaporizer business ideas you can try.

vaporizer business ideas

7 Trending Vape Business Ideas

Starting a vaporizer business can be a lucrative venture, given the increasing popularity of vaping products. Here are some of the best vaporizer business ideas to consider:

1. Retail Store

Today, approximately 52% of adults vape at least occasionally. In 2020, about 68 million vape users were in 49 researched countries worldwide. The number has since grown, making the vaping industry a promising one to join.

A retail store specializing in selling e-liquids and vaporizers is one of the most direct and traditional business ideas in the vaporizer industry. You can opt to open a brick-and-mortar store or decide to offer your products and services online.

In some cities, you will notice a vape shop every 20 meters. This makes the venture more competitive than it was in previous years. However, the fact that users are also increasing as the number of shops increases shows there isn’t much to worry about so long as you offer quality products and services.

Whether you settle for a physical or online store, you must curate various e-liquids, vaporizer types and styles, and accessories from different brands. The diverse selection will cater to the varying preferences of vapers.

You can also educate customers on the value of vaping, provide recommendations, and offer suggestions and demonstrations to build customer loyalty and trust.

2. Vape Lounge

You have heard about and seen many vape shops in your city. But to stand out in the vaporizer business, you can try setting up a vape lounge. These are social spaces where vapers can gather to relax and enjoy their vaping experience.

The first step to starting a lounge is finding a suitable location with enough space and setting an inviting ambiance with comfortable seating arrangements. You can also offer refreshments, WiFi, and entertainment options like TV screens or games to enhance your customers’ overall experience.

It would help if you acquainted yourself with the rules and regulations in your state before starting a lounge. For instance, in California, you will be required special permits called conditional use permits that will allow you to operate as a lounge. Moreover, ensure the premise has proper ventilation and adheres to other safety measures.

3. Subscription Box

There has been a rise in the number of companies offering subscription box services for products across different industries. You will not lack a subscription box in every category, from toys to safety tools to snacks, food products, and educational items.

The subscription box category does not have much competition in the vape industry. You can have monthly, quarterly, or annual plans and customizable options for your customers. Here, you can offer much, including free shipping, educational content, and a wide selection of tiers and products.

4. E-Liquid Manufacturing

If you are a conscious vaper familiar with the vaping industry, creating an e-liquid with the desired characteristics will not be an issue. Even novices can use tools such as converters and calculators to develop the perfect liquid.

Yet, that is only the easy part. You will need to come up with a unique brand and market it accordingly if you are to have a successful e-liquid business.

5. Vaporizer Accessories Business

There is a wide array of accessories that are used with vaporizers. These include batteries, replacement coils, cases, chargers, and drip tips.

Here, you can offer a range of high-quality accessories compatible with various vaporizer types to attract customers looking for convenient and reliable options to enhance their vaping experience.

6. Customized Vaporizers

Customization of items is a common practice in various industries. Offering customized vaporizers can be a unique business idea that appeals to vapers who want to express their style and individuality. Custom vaporizers can come in various forms, such as custom-designed skins, engraved vaporizers, or limited-edition custom vaporizers.

7. Vaporizer Repair and Maintenance

Since vaporizers are electronic devices, they sometimes need repairs and maintenance to ensure optimal performance. You can start a vaporizer maintenance and repair service if you can replace these devices.

Some common services you can offer include battery replacement, coil replacement, and troubleshooting. Also, you can provide maintenance services such as tuning, cleaning, and firmware updates to assist customers in prolonging the lifespan of their vaporizers.


When you start a business, you supplement your income and attain financial freedom. And what better way of achieving that than by engaging in something you love? A vaporizer business can be fun and profitable at the same time.

There is much to offer; you cannot run out of business ideas for products and services to provide vaping aficionados. So, what are you waiting for? Try implementing the above ideas today and have that boost of income while doing something you love.