From the last few years, the BPO industry has flourished as the most challenging and lucrative career field for young professionals. But when it comes to progression, people are still not sure about long-term job prospects in this industry.

There is a pool of jobs from attending phone calls to managing teams that are surely hold long-run prospects if someone wants to choose out of them. On the other hand, it provides monetary benefits and security.

Let’s check first what are the key requirements to get into BPO?.

Academic Qualification

To get into a BPO, you do not need stringent qualifications if you start with lower positions. A minimum educational certificate of 10+2 is required with an adequate working knowledge of computers. However, the upper-level positions require some specific educational degrees Like MBA for HR role. Most of business process units prefer to hire graduate candidates only with the good US or UK English communication skills to maintain quality.

Career Prospects in BPO

The BPO industry has been growing at a tremendous pace especially in developing nations of the world. This industry has offered many youngsters the opportunity to start, grow and build their careers. You can get multiple job options in business process outsourcing organizations likewise:

  • Customer Support Agent
  • BPO Associate
  • Team Leader
  • Team Manager
  • Processing Executive
  • Analyst
  • Coordinator
  • Quality Auditor
  • Sales Executive
  • HR Manager
  • Back Office Staff

Apart from the above-mentioned roles, there are numerous other jobs for freshers as well as experienced people. In such a people-intensive industry, management skills propel you to leadership positions.

How to Start a BPO Career?

This growing industry demands for the right people. The BPO industry hires engineers, accountants, lawyers, and many other professionals. But the question is how to start and where to start a career in this day-by-day extended industry?… There are several ways to find about new openings like employee reference, job sites, placement consultants, advertisements, organizational portals, etc.

Some of the organizations have their own hiring processes and some hire third-party human resources for hiring individuals on behalf of them. For this, organizations test your communication skills, language skills, and computer knowledge. While applying, it is very important to be truthful in your resume or curriculum vitae.

What is the Selection Process?

Most often BPO companies conduct two selection rounds for selecting quality candidates. First is face-to-face round and another is computer knowledge round which is necessary. However, on the expanding level companies can conduct aptitude test in written and language test for speaking as well as listening skills.

You must of thorough knowledge of the industry while going for an interview. These selection processes are not much complex and easy to pass out if you are a person with a set of qualities needed by BPO organizations.

How to Build a Successful Career in BPO?

To become successful in the BPO industry, you must know how to manage time and collaborate with the team. On-the-job performance is the key to a successful career. In this industry, you will be given clear instructions by your team leader or manager and deliver the same.

You will be trained and assisted for a few weeks. After that, you will be monitored for your work. The best you deliver help you to gain success in your field as well as for promotion. So, show your best skills in deliverable work.


Choosing a career is the most important decision of your life. A right decision will lead you to success. So, if you want to pursue in the outsourcing industry than try to give the best of your skills in your performance. There are a plethora of opportunities available in this industry to choose from. Plus some non-tangible benefits offered in BPO companies that surely help you stay in your job for a long span of time.