Lots have been said about social media as a powerful online marketing tool in the hands of modern business entrepreneurs and marketers this century. Indeed, the marketing landscape today is changing dramatically with more business entrepreneurs and marketers adopting social media marketing into their online marketing strategies.

However, smart and creative entrepreneurs and marketers are discovering the greater dynamics of social media marketing with other forms of marketing options including email marketing.

Email Marketing Dynamics 

Entrepreneurs and marketers today are still manipulating email marketing actively as they acknowledge the high potential of this online marketing strategy to generate high returns on their marketing investments. The ROIs of email marketing campaigns are notably higher than other forms of online marketing approaches. The low cost in its implementation brings in higher profits to benefit the bottom lines of businesses engaging email marketing.

Email marketing campaigns are powerful in driving targeted traffic to the web business site. They can be very convincing to compel consumers in performing the call-to-action, such as providing contact information or making a purchase that increases the profits of the business.

Good communications could be exercised with the right email marketing ethics and approaches where professional emails are sent out effectively. The more potential leads could be converted into customers with high sales if the proper emailing techniques are applied appropriately.

The innovative marketer who uses email marketing needs to be aware of the best practices of email marketing to win over email recipients for the business so that there would be 100% conversion from mere recipients to active customers which boosts sales conversion rates.

Social Media Dynamics 

Social media platforms are also powerful online marketing tools for the creative and aggressive marketer or entrepreneur in pursuit of business success on the Internet. It is possible to have an online home-based business grow exponentially in a short period of time with the right application of social media marketing strategies. As more consumers prefer the social media networking environment to satisfy their social needs today, social media marketing is an excellent marketing strategy in identifying the right business audience to boost the business presence in the market.

There are many social media sites to choose from in identifying niche markets for every online and offline business today. Every social network boasts of thousands, if not millions of subscribers that are potential leads to different online and offline businesses today. These are free organic traffic that could be easily secured to boost the business bottom line.

The social community on the Internet has grown to massive proportions that have spurred online activities which benefit businesses around the world. Innovative online entrepreneurs and marketers are now proactive social media fans and followers to garner a huge following themselves for the purpose of promoting their business brand and market presence.

Tweets are freely activated with a simple mention of the business brand to trigger massive sales. Rampant online communications are activated via social media platforms than slow mail or even emails. These different social media channels offer a better interactive avenue between customers and marketers where greater business opportunities are available in developing brand loyalty.

It is expected that social media marketing would enjoy a dynamic increase in this year as more consumers take on new technologies and search engine optimization features to benefit online business offerings.

Combination of Marketing Strategies 

When these two dynamic marketing strategies are combined, it is expected that a greater synergy is activated to generate higher outcomes. However, the online entrepreneurs and marketers need to understand how each marketing strategy works to discover their strong features before they could be synergized.

A combination of these two marketing strategies would provide a more intense niche market that boosts up the sales conversion rates of the business as a more focused audience is identified. The click-through rate from such audience groups would be higher to visit the web business site and make relevant online purchases that are safe and secure through high security protocols incorporated into the SEO eCommerce website.

The best of online marketing campaign comprising social media marketing and email marketing could be formulated with an in-depth knowledge of each marketing medium to bring out the best in each other for optimal returns to the business.

Dynamic social media marketing cum email marketing campaigns for an online business may involve generating huge traffic for the business through the spread of word on the business offerings. Well generated emails promoting the brand and business offerings are likely to be circulated along social media networks that could expand the market presence of the brand and company.

Social media networks are great platforms to generate the buzz and hype on the brand and business to cause greater awareness in the marketplace. Online forums could be generated and monitored to steer the consumer interest towards the business. It is crucial for an online marketing campaign to be successful using social media and email to avoid a backlash in the marketplace.

Competition is stiff in the market and a wrong campaign formula could set the brand and business back drastically. But when the right formulation is designed and implemented successfully, the sales conversion rate and ROI could be spiked up exponentially. It would be a moment of glory for online entrepreneurs and marketers to succeed at combining social media marketing with email marketing.

Successful Combined Marketing Campaigns

Online entrepreneurs and marketers who wish to capitalize on combined social media marketing and email marketing campaigns need to be clear about their business goals and objectives. Only then would they be able to formulate an organized marketing plan with both dynamic marketing strategies incorporated for the best of outcomes.

It may be necessary to consider good supporting marketing software that provides automation in certain marketing tasks to ease the burden on the entrepreneurs or marketers. A combined social media marketing and email marketing campaign should only be activated on one or two preferred social networks for better management and control.

This approach would boost sales conversion rates with a higher ROI when more traffic is directed to the web business site.