Technology has taken a new leap since the inception of Internet. Online presence has become a necessity for every company to expand globally. Websites play a major role in this. Thus, website designing has become a returning business and many web design companies have popped up recently. A website is very important for a business who wants to be on the Internet. It is a place to share information, pictures, videos, etc. regarding your company. Moreover, it helps you to connect to the global audience. Let us talk of the essential processes in modern website design.

Mostly we find that web designers are in a hurry to complete the project as soon as possible. This is because of the pressure that comes from the client-side. Website designing is not a single process but a series of methods. Each designer should consider them properly when designing a web application.


A website design requires a good plan before you actually set out with coding. This is the pre-production period of the website. Large web design companies appoint specialists who analyze the requirements and plan the website according. They list the features that would be available in the website. In addition to this, they also plan the content and SEO optimization strategies for the website.


Designers draw out the sketch of the design based on the analysis. They design the web parts and the functions the website shall possess. Moreover, they draw the relationships between the web pages and give them a tree-like structure. Designers are also responsible for creating the look and feel of the user-interface, as it is the most important aspect of the design. Today designers use Photoshop and automated tools to create the designs quickly.


Next comes coding, which is also a very important phase. Specialist programmers create the user-interface and the functions. They use HTML and CSS to program web pages on different frameworks like php, ASP.Net, Joomla, etc. This is the most time-taking process, as a designer has to write volumes of codes for a single part in the website.


After the coding is complete, web designers test the website before actually launching it. Testing is very important if you do not want your website to show errors in the future. Testing is a process of finding out the errors and vulnerabilities in the software. However, most of the designers do not focus much on testing which apparently results in buggy web pages.


Maintenance is very important for a website if you want it to bring fruitful results. Maintenance refers to rectification of errors. Besides debugging, updating a website is also very important if you want the visitors to keep coming on a regular basis.

Website design is a process divided in phases. A designer must be careful during each phase of the design. Proper planning, designing, coding, testing and maintenance make the website free of errors and easy to use. Every web designer should practice these methods if he wants his website to excel.