Franchising offers a great way for women to launch their own business. The International Franchise Association (IFA) is quite aware of that and so, has started program aimed mainly at the women franchisees. But why is the franchise world so interested in women entrepreneurs who want to buy a franchise? Let’s check out the reasons:

  • First of all, women believe they can have it all and often leave their jobs to start a family. But their career ambitions aren’t stopped and they begin to look for opportunities to fulfill them. That’s why home-based businesses can be a great option for women.
  • Women still face a glass ceiling in terms of promotion and salary. But when they are starting a franchise, they are their own boss and can reach the sky if they want.
  • Face it, women are better at multi-tasking and in franchise business, you are supposed to fit in different roles! So, it is of no wonder that women and franchise business love each other so much!
  • Banks and lenders often make a special effort to reach women entrepreneurs. Many government jobs have been earmarked for businesses run by women. So, franchisors find it quite profitable to offer women franchisees their franchise business for sale.
  • Women in general tend to follow orders better and so, are quite suitable for franchising. Franchising means following a given business model diligently, so women can surely find success easily. But that doesn’t mean women lack the ability of original thinking; there are many franchise opportunities that bank on the creative prowess of the women franchisees and their capability to lead a team.