Our body, like a machine, wears out over time, requiring certain care to function properly. When we reach old age, for example, many of our bodily functions are declining. This makes it necessary to turn our attention to some methods and treatments that help you to live this wonderful stage of life with ease, happiness and well-being. And that’s when the so-called geriatric physical therapy comes in.

geriatric physical therapy

Check out this post the geriatric physical therapy and how it works. You will still know 5 special benefits that geriatric physical therapy gives the elderly in the long and short term. Keep reading!

What happens in aging?

In aging there is an increase in body fat and the loss of lean mass is progressive. Several organic functions are modified by the reduction of lung function, decreased immunity, loss of independence related to loss of motor power.

Sensory changes in taste, vision, odor, hearing and touch decrease in individualized proportions. Since taste and odor stimulations induce metabolic changes, such as salivary, gastric and pancreatic acid secretions, as well as increased plasma insulin levels, decreased sensory stimulation can impair metabolic processes.

Impaired vision, hearing loss, and coordination lead to decreased food intake, food recognition, and eating ability.

Aging brings various health-related problems but unfortunately this cannot be avoided. What we can do is try to make the natural condition not reduces our quality of life drastically. One effort that can be done is to do a therapy known as geriatric physical therapy. This therapy is very famous in the western world and is increasingly popular in various parts of the world.

What is Geriatric Physical Therapy?

Geriatric physiotherapy is a specialty in the field of physiotherapy, but focused on care and treatment of the elderly. Notably those who suffer wear and tear on their functionality and have lost their independence in carrying out day-to-day activities.

Through this treatment, the elderly not only guarantees a healthy aging, but also prevents diseases, treats bone-muscular lesions, improves their balance considerably and ensures a good quality of life, recovering their capacities and, consequently, their satisfaction folks.

How the Procedure Works

The procedure is performed with the help of a suitable professional, the physiotherapist. He will teach and apply global exercises and active techniques to the elderly so that he gains mastery of new movements of his body and develops physical and mental balance. Currently, geriatric physiotherapy can be applied in three different ways: through hydrotherapy, mechanotherapy and kinesiotherapy (biomechanical movements). All are equally effective, respecting the limits and desires of the patient through procedures appropriate to each situation.

5 Benefits of Geriatric Physical Therapy

Geriatric physical therapy offers a range of benefits for seniors looking to stay active and healthy as they age. We have listed for you the main and most prominent advantages of this therapy.

1. Improvement in quality of life

The third age makes it impossible to carry out many day-to-day activities. This fact makes the elderly dependent on someone to assist him in simple tasks. Therefore, he is insecure and with very low self-esteem. With geriatric physical therapy, the person not only retakes many movements, strengthened by exercises and muscular techniques, but allows him to develop independence in his routine, regaining self-esteem and safety. These factors contribute to an increase in the quality of life as a whole.

2. Reduces symptoms and prevents diseases

In addition to the loss of functionality, the third age is a stage known for the arrival of some unexpected diseases such as osteoporosis, urinary incontinence, tendinitis, plus immunity decline. With the constant stimulation of proper exercise and movement, many of these diseases may have their symptoms reduced dramatically or be effectively prevented, allowing the elderly to live with health and well-being.

3. Increases physical capacity

As stated earlier, one of the main focuses of geriatric physical therapy is muscle strength and endurance as well as flexibility. With the gain of greater disposition and physical capacity, many activities can be resumed in the third age and realized with aplomb, like walks, swimming, yoga and other types of sport to the taste of each one.

4. Develops balance and motor coordination

Geriatric physical therapy not only works the physical part of the elderly, but also the body balance and motor coordination, sectors that involve neurological systems and their plasticity. These sectors are exercised through appropriate techniques that involve the training of the vestibular system (labyrinth) and the improvement of gross, fine, general and specific motor coordination.

5. Improves memory

Another very important benefit provided by geriatric physical therapy is the considerable increase in memory. This is because several physiotherapeutic exercises actively work on the cognitive part, responsible for the mental process of judgment, perception and reasoning.


Although geriatric physical therapy is recommended for the elderly, it is important to note that people of any age can adhere to treatment. Besides being a pleasurable activity, it confers immeasurable benefits for the individual, guaranteeing health and well-being.