Having the right hair salon equipment is essential if you’re planning to open a hair salon. From basic tools such as scissors and combs to specialized products like hair dryers and steamers, hair salons need a wide range of items to give their customers an excellent experience. To help make sure you have all the necessary hair salon tools for your business, we’ve compiled The Ultimate Hair Salon Equipment List.

List of Essential Salon Equipment and Tools


This comprehensive guide covers everything from the basics of styling supplies that you must have to more advanced hair care tools and treatments. With this guide in hand, you can easily determine what hair salon tools are needed for your business. So, let’s take a look at these hair salon equipment:

1. Reception desk

A reception desk is an essential piece of hair salon equipment. It’s where your clients check in and serves as a point of sale for appointments, products, and services. A good reception desk should be spacious enough to accommodate two or more people comfortably, with plenty of room for a computer or cash register. Look for one with ample storage drawers and shelves to store hair products, tools, and other necessary supplies. Additionally, make sure the reception desk is in line with the theme and decor of your hair salon.

2. Reception chairs

Reception chairs are a vital part of hair salon equipment. You need comfortable seating for your clients to wait until their hair is done. Therefore, choosing chairs that look good and provide a comfortable seating experience is important. Look for chairs with adjustable heights, ergonomic designs, and cushioned seats with armrests.

3. Washing stations

Having washing stations is essential when running any hair salon business since it allows your clients to wash their hair at the start of each treatment. Washing stations can vary depending on size and available space; some built-in feature basins, while others may be attached directly to the salon chair. The choice depends on what works best for your hair salon and its customers.

4. Hair styling stations

Hair styling stations are essential for any hair salon, providing a functional and comfortable space for hair stylists to work. At the minimum, you’ll need one styling chair, a shampoo bowl, shelves or drawers for tools and products, a mirror, and lighting fixtures. Many hair salons also opt to include additional items such as movable carts with storage compartments and hair dryer holders.

5. Backwash units

Backwash units are one of the most important pieces of hair salon equipment. They provide a comfortable space for clients to recline and for their hair to be washed before any services they receive. Backwash units for hair salons typically come with a chair, sink, adjustable neck rest, and an armrest with two tilted shelves where hair products can be stored. In addition, the backwash unit must be ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort and support for clients while they wash their hair.

6. Waiting Sofas

Waiting sofas are essential hair salon equipment as they provide a comfortable place for your clients to sit while they wait. They should be comfortable, supportive, and easy to clean. Choose between leather or fabric material with added features such as cup holders, USB chargers, and armrests.

Choosing an appropriate size sofa that does not take up too much space in the hair salon but also provides enough seating space for your clients.

7. Fairmont Mirror

The hair salon mirrors are a must-have piece of hair salon equipment. It is an essential tool for hair stylists to style hair effectively and provide excellent customer service. The mirror has a high-quality frame that gives it a modern, professional look, while its adjustable base allows it to be adjusted to suit different heights and angles.

The bottom part of the mirror also has a storage shelf that can keep all your hair products organized and within quick reach. With its excellent design, the Fairmont Mirror will make styling hair easy, efficient, and comfortable for hair stylists and their clients. This hair salon tool is essential when creating any perfect hairstyle!

8. Washpoint Covers

Washpoint covers are essential hair salon tool for protecting the hair wash basin. These hair salon chairs feature easy-to-clean, waterproof materials and adjustable heights to ensure optimal comfort for the client and the stylist. Washpoint covers also provide a great way to keep hair away from the drain during washing, which can help reduce clogging. With long-lasting durability and modern designs, these hair salon seats make a great addition to any ultimate hair salon equipment list.

9. Styling Chair

A styling chair is an essential piece of hair salon equipment. It provides comfort and convenience to the client while they have their hair styled. A good hair salon chair should be adjustable, allowing for height, back, and armrest positions to be changed as needed to give the stylist the best possible working position. Many hair chairs also include a footrest, helping to provide stability and extra comfort when sitting in the chair. Additionally, most hair chairs come with upholstery that is easy to clean and maintain.

10. Barber Chair

A barber chair is the foundation of any hair salon. High-quality barber chairs comfort stylists and their clients, making it easier for hair professionals to do their job effectively. They come in various materials, such as metal or synthetic leather, so that you can find a perfect fit for your salon environment. Barber chairs also have adjustable armrests, headrests, footrests, and reclining mechanisms so clients can sit comfortably while getting their hair done. You can also check online for barber chairs near me.

11. Beauty Chair

A beauty chair is among the most important items on any hair salon equipment list. It must be comfortable and adjustable for clients of all sizes, shapes, and hair lengths. The hair stylist should also be able to move around the chair easily while cutting hair. In addition, ensuring that the beauty chair is durable and easy to clean is crucial, as hair can often get messy while styling. Finally, a beauty chair’s arms should be padded to provide maximum comfort for clients during hair services.

12. Tan Chairs

Tan chairs are a great hair salon equipment choice for hair stylists and barbers, as they provide comfort for the customer during hair-cutting appointments. Tan chairs are typically made from comfortable materials and feature adjustable heights, so customers of different sizes can comfortably sit in them. Tan also provides an attractive look to hair salons, making them perfect for businesses looking to create a stylish atmosphere.

13. Stools

Having a comfortable hair-styling chair is essential for hair salons. Hair stylists must be able to sit comfortably while they work. Stools come in different heights and styles, so selecting the right one for your needs is crucial. Look for adjustable stools with solid frames and comfortable seat cushions. Make sure the stool has a good weight capacity that can support your hairstylists during long hours of hair styling services. Stools should also have foot rings to provide additional comfort and stability when seated.

14. Freestanding Footrest

A freestanding footrest is one of the most essential hair salon equipment pieces. It provides a comfortable and secure platform for clients to rest their feet while they receive hair treatments. The height and angle of the footrest can be adjusted, allowing clients to find a position that is both comfortable and ergonomic. In addition, many models feature non-slip surfaces or adjustable straps to help keep feet in place during hair treatments.

Freestanding footrests come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different types of hair salons. Investing in a quality freestanding footrest will help keep your salon safe and ergonomic and provide your customers with an added element of comfort.

15. Booster Seat

A booster seat is one of the essential hair salon equipment for every hairstylist. It is designed to provide comfort, stability, and extra height to clients seated in the hair salon chair. A booster seat comes with a spring suspension that can be adjusted according to the height of the client’s body. It also has padded armrests for added support and comfort. This hair salon tool helps keep the client stable while receiving hair treatments.

The Bottom Line

Having hair salon tools on hand can make a significant difference in the success of your hair salon business. With so many different hair salon tools available, taking an inventory and determining precisely what type of products and services you’re looking to offer is vital. Your ultimate hair salon equipment list should be tailored to meet the specific needs of your hair salon business while also providing customers with an excellent experience.

Investing in quality hair salon tools is always worth it, as it will allow you to provide better service and expand your range of services offered. In addition, properly stocking your hair salon with all necessary hair care supplies will ensure that both customer satisfaction and profits remain high.